The "Thank you TTV" topic

Money is the best way of saying "thank you". =P


Give this man a medal


I never had it on wink

I'm gonna start clicking on all the ads because I get the feeling that TTV gets more money that way



About two years ago, I was in a dark period in my life. School wasn't going well, and I lost a lot of friends and family. I was quite depressed. Bionicle had always been there to cheer me up, but it wasn't. That creative spark had gone, and my interest had diminished. Then, while searching youtube, I stumbled upon TTV. The first video I EVER watched was the first bionicle autopsy. After that, I was hooked and my interest was back to levels of 2006. I was happier. I can't thank TTV enough. They brought me back from the darkness. Thank you for bringing back into the light.


I shall start this as well, and it might just fund Eljay Con 2081!

While it is a repost, this is the reason why:

Thank you for ruining my life and making me start a cult.


In all seriousness, TTV was my childhood, with me being one of the only people who listened to the ITunes podcasts, I never encountered the Youtube channel for a while, I was stuck with those few episodes...

Back, Back at school, socially when you where 10, you can't like Bionicles, Tranformers, Power Rangers and such. Most people moved on, I never did, this continued for 3 years (Finishing Junior school), and I hated it. TTV and my home was really my only place I liked. I remember, in an early morning I found myself listening to TTV for around 3-4 hours straight in my bed. It was fun.

I thank TTV for a lot, for memories, for Childhood, for a safe haven.

Here I am, Year 7, 13 and 3ish years since I started.
Now I do conspiracy theories on why iBIONICLE is Illuminati, and why Applego is real.

Thanks guys.

You bunch of rambling fools are some of the greatest youtubers and podcasters in existence.

Only rivalled by the CHC C:


So as we all know, the past week has been a very busy week full of drama and hardships! I wanted to thank @Kahi (And anyone else who worked on it, sorry!) for working so hard and getting our beloved forums back online! Truly this is a time of celebration in remembrance of the terrible DDoSruption.

So again, thank you for your dedication and hard work!


Insert every morale raising speech in every video game ever


I dont use adblock

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I would just like to say one thing: Thank you TTV for the great videos you guys have been making regarding BIONICLE and your Podcasts. I love listening to them and want you to keep making them; they are awesome. I enjoy learning a lot about BIONICLE throughout the years, and I am WAY more excited for the 2015 sets than I would be had I not heard the leaks in the recent months through your voices. You are all an interesting crowd and it would be awesome if I ever got to meet you guys. To Mesonak, Varderan, Eljay, Kahi, Viper, Venom, Tenebrae Invictus, EXX Trooper, Takuva Nuva (sorry if I have mispelled your name), and any other members that I have forgotten to name, thank you for a great YouTube experience and bringing me into the world of BIONICLE.


When I first heard rumors about BIONICLE coming back, I started following TTV for the latest updates, as well as other content on their channel. Little did I realize at the time that it would leave an impact on my life, from interacting with people to sharing the LOLs with my family and friends. There's simply not enough words to describe how thankful I am to everyone on TTV.

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Thank You TTV for making me feel like a part of the BIONICLE community. I've never felt like a member of a community before I found TTV.

Also, thank you for giving me a way to parody the first BIONICLE book...


Thank you, TTV, for being so loyal to your multitude of fans over the years. Thanks for the range of things you guys cover, so that we never get bored. Thanks for including us in multiple ways, and for creating the TTV Boards, which provides me with a fan community that I feel safe and wanted in.

And special thanks to @Eljay , who I see a lot of myself in, who does his best provide us with amazing reviews, and who I can always count on to keep us, the viewers, sane. Thanks to you all!


I first met the TTV channel when I was around 15 years old. I was strolling on youtube, searching for Bionicle content, and I saw 'Recap review: Toa Mata Tahu' and I thought, 'Who makes this? Is this even good?' And then, I watched all of the reviews. I did not subscribe, however (I hadn't subbed to TTV until ep 123 sweat_smile). Last summer, however, everything changed. From all sources there were reports that Bionicle is on the horizon of existence, and I started devouring every little aspect of this rumored comeblack (whoops typo smile). I started listening to the Podcast of Awesomeness (aka TTV Podcast), to stay up-to-date with all the Bionicle news. I consistently watched the Recaps at this point in time and I subscribed to TTV when the TTV 123 podcast rolled out. Then, I got an iPhone and listened to almost every single episode of the TTV Podcast in my free time, which I made a lot enjoyable with you guys. So, Thanks for bringing the Recaps (thanks, @Eljay), the Breaking News, Bionicle Autopsy (keep up the good work, @IllustriousVar), and last, but definitely not the least the TTV Podcast (@Mesonak will continue to being cool in arguments). Thanks for the Mardi Gras, @Venom, thanks for the debates with ElJay, @Kahi, thanks for being awesome, @Viper, and thanks for the lessons in cannibalism, @TakumaNuva. Thanks, @exxtrooper for loving the ever-funny birds with arms, and thank you each and every single one of the community for boosting the channel. Live long, TTV! smile


This is like a really cool comment.


Hi exx! How are you today?

what @Risebell said thanks for making quality message boards

I retract that statement.

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Thanks Takuma, for making me realize that dropping into Skype calls and not saying anything is cool.



You're welcome.


Thanks for making me laugh and giving me quality content