The three brothers and the Greek gods

In the most recent episode of Brainstorm, Jon suggested something with pretty interesting implications: the brothers fear the Matoran overthrowing them (implying they did this themselves at some point), just like how Zeus overthrew his own father. If this were followed through with, the parallels between the characters and Greek mythology could explain some stuff about the lore.

Zeus’ father was a Titan called Cronus, who actually overthrew his own father, Uranus. This is where it gets interesting: Cronus ended up learning that he would be overpowered by one of his children, and devoured them (untill he was defeated by Zeus). Though Cronus wasn’t a god, he is heavily associated with the figure of “Father Time”. This could be an explanation for the origins Mask of Time: the three brothers overthrew their creator, the original wearer of the Vahi.

Then, the theme of the creator being overthrown returns with the Toa’s destiny being to defeat the Makuta - made only more ironic by the Mask of Time being what was used to imprison him. The Toa could be linked to demigods, as they are Matoran with divine ties. This way, it’s Vahi > Three Brothers > Matoran/Toa the same way Greek mythology makes it Uranus > Cronus > Zeus.

Then, three of Cronus’ children could be linked to the three brothers: as the most feared, Makuta can be seen as the equivalent of Hades, but Ekimu and Karzahni can both be interchangeable as Poseidon and Zeus (I’d personally say they fit the one mentioned respectively - one is the creator of islands, the other is associated with lightning). However, this doesn’t really lead anywhere on its own. That parallel is mostly useless.

I think the general point of this post is to suggest that it may be useful to use real life mythology when coming up with ideas. Jon’s suggestion was kinda brushed over a little too quickly: the idea of rebelling against the creator is one we see all the time in legends, which could both add to the mythic tone of Bionicle as well as give the storyline a cohesive theme.


Kind of a nitpick, but Cronus (the father of the Greek gods) is a different figure to Chronos (the personifaction of time).

Aside from that, I like the idea of this, and I’ve actually put forth my own version of this but using Mata Nui as that figure. I also mention that some of the powers of the brothers are stolen from Mata Nui and sealed into the three legendary masks of creation, control, and alternate futures.

It could be that the Mask of Time was so powerful, compared to the others, that the brothers agreed to divide it into fragments (two per brother) and hide it away, so that it could not be used against one another.


Im pretty much tired of any Greek analogy God inspirations in media. Why not Slavic, Nordic, Americas, Indian, Persian, Chinese,African…?


I don’t think you’re grasping the point of posts like this. Most mythologies share many stories and themes. If you want to call it another culture, you can. I’m sure there are plenty of other cultures with the exact same “overthrowing a creator” theme. But that doesn’t change the fact that for the purposes of getting the point across to the people reading the post, it is simpler to just reference the Greek version of those stories.

If this post referred to Hindu gods that overthrew a creator (which would be the exact same thing as using the Greek god version), a lot of people reading it might not understand the connection, because those gods are less known. But since the Greek version is so well known, they can understand the connection without having to look it up. The point isn’t that it’s Greek. The point is the myth itself, whose most notable version just so happens to be Greek.

None of the actual G3 story will directly reference Greek culture. Instead it will reference concepts that show up in multiple cultures, including Greek, because none of the concepts are exclusive to Greece or any one culture.


Because Indian mythology is confusing as all Karz.


Well maybe if it was represented more, people will start to get it more.

Why tho? Greek mythology is awesome

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Its over-saturated thats the issue.

I think the best example of doing it right is god of war imo. I also think that’s what really made it popular. Eh.


The only Good Greek Gods are dead ones, so I agree with you there.

They could try using Greek myth as a foundation and mixing in less mainstream mythology.

Ex: having a Hermes-like character and mixing him with Sun Wukong’s backstory

There is a reason Greek mythology is still recognized more in our culture, and it doesn’t have to do with saturation, saturation is a result.


Dont care anymore, just sick of Greek mythology in media and its saturated use. Represent other mythoses that were barely or never showcased.


What if Tren Krom were the wearer of the Vahi? He was the original Mata Nui in G1, he should be the original in G3, and so he was a Tyrant and was overthrown by Makuta, Ekimu, and Karzahni