The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling by NickonAquaMagna

yay!!! Now for the other one.


I am now reconsidering how strong toa normally are.

Well… Tahu was only able to do this by using his Kanohi Pakari.

Oh. Okay! I missed that panel. I read a little fast. :sweat_smile:


Tahu wins!!! Add one to the board for tahu!



Eh… it’ll confuse rival Kane-ra! Yeah! That’s it!

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Sorry these updates are coming later and later in the day. Takes a while to complete 2 entire pages, but here we are with 72 so far.


So, their just gonna leave Ol’ Icy hanging? Rude.

Takua’s pointing in Kopaka’s direction.

Okay. Got a little disoriented.

In any case, you’ll see them following Kopaka in their next scene.

Cool. :+1:

Ah, I still remember first uploading this image to the message boards in 2017.

Tonight’s pages wrap up the first act (yes, this story has a three act structure) and while it’s been played straight and stayed pretty darned faithful to the original so far… oh boy, things are gonna get kinda crazy in acts 2 and 3. Point is, we’re a third through the story, and… I know I shouldn’t be demotivated, but I’m wondering, is anyone really keeping up with this story besides ProfSrljohn? It seems like people had more to say when I’d just started this comic than they do now. Are people aware that the story’s picked up again? Do they know it’s still going?

If anyone is there, I’m just dying to know your thoughts on this interpretation of Bionicle so far. I’m taking a quick break to work on the next Lego Rewind episode and catch up on some other things before act 2 begins (trust me, this isn’t another two year break, more like… two weeks). Now is as good a time to share your thoughts as any.

I mean, to give a sense of scale, when we last left off, this story was only 24 pages in. Now we’re 72 pages in. The comics has just about tripled in size, and it’s going to triple again by the end of it. We’re getting there.


A break is good. Everyone needs a break, writers and readers alike. Don’t let lack of readership bring you down. I’ve written several half-finished fan-fics, that never got read by anyone, but I don’t let that stop me. I just keep going. In the meantime, I’ll try to get people interested.

BTW tahu on surf-rock, :+1:

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I’ve been enjoying quietly reading through it; the artwork is good and I find you’re specialty is natural/dynamic posing and expressiveness :slight_smile:

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I’m still reading it whenever there’s a new page I just don’t rfply to them that often but as I’ve said before I think these are really great.

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I’m always reading it, perhaps not commenting as much but I’m certainly reading it as soon as I see a notification.