The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling by NickonAquaMagna

Well, I’m… gosh. I’m happy this could be that for you.

Yeah, I’m sorry if the ending seems a little quick… that was the vibe I was kinda going for, to overload us with so much information so quickly that we’re right there with Takua when he can’t process it all. I’d considered showing what more of the other Toa looked like in a narrative conga line, but as with a few other scenes, I felt that less said more.


A) (yes again with the masks) I like how the hau nuva (?) has more traits of the original hau as well as the nuva. (as opposed to the hau nuva from 2002 looking hau-ish, but not by much)

B) I am going to re-read this all sometime, but this came out great. I love this, and with what you set for yourself (it being a re-imagining of bionicle in one year) I think this far surpasses the other re-tellings/continuations/re-imaginings I have seen, or read.
Great job @NickonAquaMagna.


It’s ended? It’s Ended!? I’m literally crying and shaking right now…jk. I guess the end was inevitable and this has been quite a journey to get here. Despite the story moving quite fast it was still amazing, I agree with others in saying this is one of the best bionicle fan stories out there and it really sums up the spirit of bionicle-from Takua and Tahus discussion about the meaning of the three virtues to Makutas intriguing fight. I really did relate to this as well with the themes at the end about Takua struggling with change and the revealing of the truth about his world. Thank you so much for this comic!


Every possible positive emotion at once.

In summary


Then my work is done.


Been away from this for too long. Now that you’ve finished it up, I’m gonna have to reread it from beginning to end to give you a full review…


hadn’t read this until now. just want to say, fantastic job on the whole, especially the character development. if you ever do more or start a new project I will definitely read. you should be proud of yourself.

Thank you. Of course I’m working on other projects atm, things like Planet Ripple, but I do have more Bionicle content coming up next year if all goes well.