The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling by NickonAquaMagna

He does, but they… move?

well no, but they do look like eye brows on his mask lol


Nokama isn’t making the rocks move, she’s just telling her chunk of the story. I hope I didn’t make things visually confusing.


It’s not too bad. I do like the use of elemental powers to tell the story though. Keep up the good work! I’m enjoying this!

Thanks! Here’s the rest of the legend.

It can never just be simple, huh?


No! It’s not allowed for it to be easy!

eeeeyyyyyy theres my favorite eyebrow boy lol


Because of course.


Of course.

also, what’s up with the toa’s expressions in the second panel?

Lewa is looking at a bird or something, Gali is either rolling her eyes or is plastered, Onua and Pohatu are about to fall asleep, and Kopaka is mad.

Otherwise, as good as ever.

…They’re all looking back and forth at each other, like “Really?”

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ah! okay, I get it now.

This is sounding more like the setup for a tabletop RPG by the upload.


That G2 reference made me crack up. :joy:

There’s a few. Gali’s 2016 spear, Kopaka’s 2015 spear, Pohatu’s boomerangs… there’re a few late g1 things too, though. Axonn’s axe, Nuparu’s shield, Nuparu’s custom blaster (basically an entire side-build with instructions in Lego Magazine) and Tahu’s Mistika whirly-gig.

How many other tools/weapons from over the years can you guys spot?

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Let’s see, I see one of Nokama’s Hydroblades, lewa phantoka’s sword, half a Kodan ball, Jaller Mahri’s sword, one of Matau’s aero slicers, a g2 Onua claw, a disc launcher, Cordak blaster, I’m not sure whats behind the corak blaster, a Kopaka phantoka wing, g2 uniter Gali spear thingy, Axxon’s axe, a Lehvak-kal claw, G2 ice shield and spear, Nuparu Mahri’s shield, G2 pohatu boomerangs, Vakama’s disc launcher, some gun I don’t recognize, Tahu mistika’s shield, and the the g1 mata weapons. whew, I think I got them all.

anywho, good work as always! Keep it up!

I’ve also noticed Onewa’s proto pitons.

With all these references and homages of late, I just had to dedicate a page to this oddball, who’s already appeared a few times here and there.

This scene is even funnier when you imagine them with their text-to-speech “Reviving Bionicle” voices.

To this day, not many understand the secret to his gibberish. Not even among his creators.


Yay! My favorite matoran! I see him and Onua getting along well to be honest. Art is great as always.

Still got another page coming up in a bit. This one’s equally special.