The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling by NickonAquaMagna

Just keeping everyone up to date. I’ve finished the new Lego Rewind, and it’s my biggest episode yet (aside from the seasonal recaps). I spent a week busting my butt.

But… I can’t come back to this just yet. I need to finish a few commissions and try to finish one more video before I go to Granite State Con. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to lead to another thing, to another thing, to another for two more years. After this convention things are going to sllllooowwww doooowwwwn for the rest of the year, leaving me more time for this.



yay!! It’s back!!

Nice save Tahu.

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You were saying?

Dang, poor Tahu’s becoming redundant. Gali gets his mask AND a bit of character building, while he just sputters in impotent rage.


Don’t mess with me like that man!

In all seriousness, I like Gali’s motherly vibe.

Ehh… she more like a big sister to Takua.

I see that. To be honest. I like that concept better.

Behold… the fabled synchronized facepalm.


Let’s play a game kids! Hungry Hungry Kitty!


Great art dude! Love your channel by the way. I’ll miss Lego rewind if it goes away…

Thank you! I’ll upload more pages after Granite State con. Sorry to say, Lego Rewind will need to go away eventually. I’ve only got about 7 episodes left before I’ve run out of themes I actually want to talk about.


Aaaand I’m off to Granite State Con to sell my books(not this)! We’ll see if I run into any other Bionicle fans there, though.


Good luck to ya!

I return, and with new pages!

Looking at them swaying from side to side like a couple of giant snakes, now I just hear this.

I tried to make these two look reeeeeally freaky. You know what my problem is? All these years, every time I’ve redesigned the Muaka or Kane-Ra, I’ve given them four legs, or downplayed their long, springy necks, to give them a stance more like our real world tigers and bulls, and not make them too T-Rex like. Really though, it makes them look so much scarier when you just own how alien and different they are.

Tahu isn’t doing so great, but… come on. His first real fight is with two of the toughest animals in this entire ecosystem, and they’re tag-teaming him. He, Takua and Pewku are gonna have to remove FOUR INFECTED MASKS to win this battle. Yikes.


Oh man. I ADORE your rendition of Muaka and Kane-Ra. That top panel on the third page is beautiful.

My single critique is with this panel here. I feel like the implied movement would be a bit clearer if the two heads were semi-transparent.


Yeah… I at least made the neck kinda transparent. I tried it with the heads and it just made things look foggy and desaturated, didn’t really communicate motion.

But yeah, don’t they just look MEAN in that first panel? Just imagine how they move.

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Kane-Ra want’s to play ball!

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Well, Takua figured it out.

Tahu finally gets one.