The Toa Alpha (MK 1)

So a loooooooooong time ago I said I will make some self-mocs for the TTV crew, named Toa Alpha. So here are the first of them. Only the first of them. I am not 100% proud of them, but hey now! They are prototypes!

Only five for now…

Here is Mesonak. On LDD there is no Skakdi skull, so I used a mask. I really like his wings and his torso.

And here is Messo. When I started to build him, I wanted to make him like Ven’s but then I realized… that I can’t do his upper legs… So I made him custom.

God bless Eljay. Here he is… Yup, I want to keep him.

And here is Kahi. I like how I put his shield.

The ladies are always the last (sorry). Viper here… Not to happy with it.

Justice League like pose!
So here are mocs for @Mesonak, @IllustriousVar, @Eljay, @Jon and @Phweffie.
I also plan to make mocs for @prpldragon and @Ven, and maybe for the @Mod_Squad too.
See ya!


You mean Var? These aren’t bad, but I think Jon’s arms are too long. Too bad that LDD doesn’t have the right masks for all these guys.


They’re simple, but alright
I can see the resemblance, sort of

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I think they have the skakdi skull in, it’s an LDD-like program made by bricklink, and imo it’s waaay better than LDD, and it’s just as easy to download. I highly recommend it.
As for the MOCs, they’re alright. Wouldn’t hurt to be a bit more complex, but hey, they’re still good. I like Mesonak for the wings.

May God rest Eljay’s soul, rip my little Lewa angel, he’s with Greg Farshtey now in a land with no blue pins and red axles


wait im behind on ttv what happened to eli?


He’s gone…

I know now. So now im sad

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