THE TOA MANGAI! + Some Rough Sketches + Other Stuff




That's right guys, I finally got those pesky Toa Mangai drawn and inked! Here they are!

This was a really hard piece to complete. Getting the "bio-mechanical" look just right was difficult as-is, but on top of that, perfecting their personalities to almost iconic resemblance was... really, really difficult.

Here's my only salvageable concept art from when I was planning out the Toa's appearance. In the center, there's Nidhiki, and off to the side you can see some small Lhikans and Tuyets.

Also, here's some sketches I did for fun over the last week!

Strakk vs. Vastus

Vamprah Attacks Lewa Nuva

Thank you for all the awesome support on my last art topic!

Comments and criticism appreciated, and please leave a like if you like!

I may even post a little bit of fan fiction on this topic later!

Thanks again,


From "divided we fall", this came to my mind:


You draw good, really good faces and realistic styles, although personally I am not fond of human looking bionicle, you do have a great way of drawing them, better than most "humanized" bionicle pics.

Ever considered a drawing tablet?


@White_Rainbow Thank you! I have actually tried a few drawing apps on an iPad, mainly Paper52, but it's been difficult for me to transpose my style from pencil/pen and paper to stylus and tablet. So who knows. Maybe I'll get a super fancy, really effective stylus. Or maybe not. :confused:


I see, it is difficult to translate paper style into tablet, but you eventuslly get used to it.

I recommend art studio.

Anyway Nidhiki is my favorite of your drawings.


BTW- Vastus wins, but his joints break immediately afterwards.

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These look amazing

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I love the Vastus vs Strakk one, especially Strakk, I feel like you got his personality just right in that look. most of them the personalities are very evident. good job.

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Get 'em Strakk!


These are some really nice sketches, I love how expressive they are.

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Not a manga per-say, manga inspired?

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@JMP While the lip design is influenced by anime, I believe I was trying for a distinctly American style, almost 21st century Disney style.

@Triple Thanks! I get the "you do good expressions" comment a lot... :blush:

@Leoxandar Give that man an Oscar!

@Omega_Tahu Thank you!

@White_Rainbow Nidhiki's my personal favorite Toa of all time... so maybe I was a bit driven to do him well. :stuck_out_tongue:

@DG_Eddie Actually, I was remembering the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer during the big game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you all for your support!

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all I could think of upon seeing the Mangai, great sketches


@Middlefingerstudios definitely.
Captain America = Lhikan
Iron Man = Nidhiki


Eh. Not a fan of these, they're too human looking.


they look awesome, but the lips...


Okay, well I made a fanfiction for you all starring the Toa Mangai!

Toa Nidhiki slid down the rocky slopes against the shore of the Protodermis Sea, coming alongside his comrade Toa Lhikan, who sat sorrowfully on a nearby boulder.
“Come, brother,” The emerald Toa said in an upbeat tone, “You’re missing our big celebration! Disaster has been averted! The Nui Stone is destroyed!”
“Be quiet, Nidhiki,” Lhikan grumbled, turning away, “You don’t know what I’m feeling.”
“Then enlighten me.” The Toa of Air sat down adjacent to his friend.
“Look,” The Toa of Fire gave a heavy sigh, “Tuyet… was a close friend. And - and now, she’s gone. Forever. You don’t know how that feels. You don’t know how… special she was to me.”
“Yes I do.”
“No, you -”
“Yes, I do. You are more than simply my ‘brother’, Lhikan. You are my best friend. You are the only being who understands that I’m different from the other Toa. When they seemed shocked and said that I’d make for a better Dark Hunter than a hero, you defended me. You, Lhikan, you are special to me.”
The crimson-clad protector smiled sadly up at Nidhiki, then placed a hand on his shoulder.
“You’re right.” He said quietly.
“Let bygones be bygones. I know it’s hard - I had feelings for Toa Naho as well - but we have to let it go. It is our duty and their destiny.”
“Indeed, and we ourselves must preserve our own unity.”
“Too true. Now can we get back to the party? I’m hankering for those freshly fried Frostelus Orkahm was boasting about.”
“Alright, alright. Lead the way, O Hero.”
“Hey, flattery doesn’t charge this heartlight!” Nidhiki yapped, but Lhikan could see the Toa of Air appreciated the comment.
“You and I are gonna be best friends.” The Toa of Fire sighed.
“Forever, you think?”