The Toa Matrica part one

I’m back again. This is the toa team that Nova, my toa in drag, put together. It’s a group of beings who became Toa due to a massive energy wave that blasted out over the entire universe in my version of the bionicle story. It would take a while to explain what caused the energy blast, but the important thing is that it happened and gave a bunch of non-glatorian beings across the universe powers. These six in particular were found by Nova and became his team. You can check out Nova’s topic here: Nova, Toa in Drag - #12 by K0pakasword03

First up is Riku, toa of destiny. As the name might suggest, they have the powers of the calix as their toa power.

They are of a species whose culture is basically a bunch of ninja groups, putting stealth as one of their highest priorities, among other ninja abilities. The planet they live on is basically a neon city, full of futuristic skyscrapers and neon lights everywhere. Riku’s ninja mask was transformed by the surge of power as well, and as such they now wear the Kanohi Mohtrek, mask of time duplication. They are the second in command of the toa Matrica.

Next up, Rowan, toa of shape shifting. he has the power to manipulate his shape and the shape of others, much like the makuta, however his power is more limited than that.

He comes from a planet covered in a massive jungle, much like the planet that hero factory 3.0 takes place on. He was originally an ape-like creature, brachiating through the trees, who had intelligence similar to, though still less than, that of the glatorian, and his intelligence was increased to the same level as a glatorian after the energy wave. His power to ■■■■■■■■■■ helped him swing through the trees, and his new Kanohi Krast helped him to escape predators before he joined Nova and the other toa Matrica. Also, the weapons he uses are just shapeshifter extensions of himself.

Finally for this part, Ketsuo, toa of the hunt. Ketsuo, or Ketsu for short, has heightened senses and massive strength, though she is not quite as strong as a pakari wielder.

Ketsu was a tiger. That’s it, just an actual tiger (though obviously not from actual earth). She was mutated when the wave of energy hit her, and she was awakened, though due to her recent awakening, and her origins, she acts much like a very aggressive toddler. She also has many animalistic tendencies. Her natural powers alone would be enough to make her a formidable foe on their own, but paired with her Kanohi Kakama, she is truly a force to be reckoned with, though her lack of awakened life experience makes her easy to trick and strategy is something she doesn’t understand.

These Mocs are pretty old at this point, although Ketsuo’s head was recently updated. I originally intended to post all six at once, however it’s late and I’m tired so I’m splitting into two posts. Hope you enjoy them! See you tomorrow with part two!


Beautiful! The colors work very well with all three and I love the overall style. I’m curious about the other three!


I love Ketsu’s tiger mask. The Hero Factory helmet works well with the Pakari.