The Toa Matrica, part two

As promised, here is part two of the toa Matrica. Here’s part one: The Toa Matrica part one - #2 by Bioman

First up today is Butcher, Toa of hunger. He has the abilities of the Kanohi Avsa as his natural power.

Butcher, or Butch as his teammates call him, is an imp from a planet full of demons, devils, and imps. On his planet, imps are the lowest life form and are basically used as cannon fodder for demon and devil warlords. Everything on the planet is chaos, with the only groups being war bands led by the aforementioned warlords. Butcher’s warlord had recently been slain, and him and the rest of his war band were being hunted down by another war band. This was the moment that the energy wave hit him and he gained his power, along with his Kanohi tryna that fused with his face, and allowed him to defeat the entirety of the opposing war band. Now he works as the berserker of the toa Matrica. Due to his mask being fused to his face, he cannot remove it nor can he wear any other mask. Ketsuo also has a fused mask, I just forgot to mention it last night.

Next up is Baelin, toa of summoning. His powers are similar to those of the Kanohi Zatth, except that he has more control over what is summoned.

Baelin is from a planet covered mostly by ocean, with the amount of land being somewhere between earth and aqua magna. He lived in a small fishing village on a small island. He lost his arm long ago to a massive fish that he swore to catch one day. He replaced his missing arm with a fishing rod so that he could continue fishing, until one day a surge of power can across his small island, awakening his power and causing him to summon the very fish that ate his arm. Using his newly acquired Kanohi Rau, great mask of translation, he was able to befriend his greatest enemy, which is now his primary summon for water travel. Even when Baelin joined the Toa Matrica, they took his fishy friend with them so that he can be summoned whenever he is needed. Baelin has also learned how to use his fishing rod as a weapon, and he created a whole new hook just to make it more effective in combat.

Here is Baelin’s fish friend on its own:

Finally, we have Feng, toa of poison. Much like elemental Toa, feng can create, control, and absorb various poisons and venoms, allowing her to weaken and slow her targets over time, and sometimes outright kill them with some of her poisons.

Feng is from the same planet as Riku, but was part of a different ninja clan that were the direct rivals of Riku’s clan. After the energy wave swept across the universe, both Riku and Feng gained their Toa powers. In the time before either of them joined the toa Matrica, their newfound powers were used to help in the war between their two clans, making Feng and Riku direct rivals. When Riku left with the rest of the toa Matrica, Feng found her own ship and followed them, hoping to destroy Riku once and for all. Using her Kanohi Volitak, her fighting style involves ambush and out last tactics, poisoning her target then hiding the shadows. Waiting for her poising to weaken her enemy. Eventually, after being defeated and spared from death by Riku, she agreed to join the toa Matrica, believing their cause to be a good one.

Here are a few group shots, including a few with the teams founder, Nova

Alright, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get myself to do the rest of my backlog soon, hope you enjoyed and have a good day!


Very nice! Butcher’s backstory is quite interesting and I love Baelin’s fishing rod, that’s a super cool and unique idea. The overall team aesthetic is nice, they all look great together!