The Toa Nuva in the coliseum recreation


Really well done!

The drop shadows are maybe a little too heavy. I know that’s how they are in the comic panel, but it works better there because of the black outlines on everything else. In the recreation, it’s based on real-life photographs so the way the shadows fall on the figures doesn’t match the very graphic drop shadows. They’re missing ambient occlusion and ambient light, which is a little complex to go into, but basically the shadows should be as dark as they are only where the figures are actually contacting the ground and lighter where the shadow is more open the air.

Otherwise, really well executed background and posing!

Tell me, what was it like standing there in front of all those Matoran praising your name with the other Toa?


Totally agree. I’m just not a photoshop expert at all and i did this in a few hours before going to sleep. Wanted to do this because i got Tahu and Lewa recently.

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Very nice recreation of iconic Bionic.
But, Gali… what are you doing?