The Toa of Time: Matoro's NaNoWriNo adventure

So here's where I'll be posting daily or at least semi-daily updates to my story I'm writing. Just so you know, I have no idea what is going to happen with this story.
Day 1
Spherus Magnus: 10000 AGC

I woke up suddenly, the cotton sheets falling away to the floor as I shot up like a rocket. I was on my feet in an instant, and out the door in another. I made my way down through my apartment building quickly, and stepped out onto the streets of Matoro-Metru, city of the great hero. I walked through the bustling, familiar horde of Matoran and Agori. I smiled as I noticed the Glatorian observing from the rooftops. I stopped smiling when I saw one leap down onto a Matoran who had decided he was “entitled” to a Kohlii ball. I decided to ignore the screams that erupted from the Matoran’s mouth as he was beaten by our “protectors.”

Shrugging off the event, I broke into a run as I remembered what day it was. The Day of Transformation, when Matoran and Toa gathered at the Great Temple in order to determine their destinies. If a given Matoran is destined to become a Toa, they would be transformed. If a Toa had completed their destiny, they would become a Turaga. This way, there were never too many Toa at one time. Subconsciously I wondered whether I was to become a Toa, but this thought was quickly dismissed. How could I be a Toa? I’m short, even by Matoran standards, and scrawnier than anyone I know. Regardless, since it is mandatory to attend, these thoughts would not go away, and troubled me all the way to the Temple.

The Temple is a magnificent structure. The 6 epic Kanohi sculpted into a dome, with their Nuva and Noble versions atop them, the entire structure rising a good 300 feet into the air. Surrounding the temple were huge statues of the 19 Toa who saved everyone. They were grouped by element, with Tahu, Jaller, and Vakama standing in front, and Takanuva centered in the back. I walked through the giant domed door, and joined the mass of Toa and Matoran.
First, the Toa stepped forth. They held their hands towards the Suva at the center of the room, and energy flowed from each of them. About 200 of the 300 or so Toa shrunk into Turaga. Most of the new elders accepted their fate grimly, but a few wept openly. The Toa and Turaga stepped back, all eager to see what was to happen next. I watched as I and the other Matoran stepped forward. I closed my eyes in anticipation, and heard as the energy shot forth from the Suva.
One second went by.

I reeled as I was struck by the energy, and writhed as my body stretched, fitting itself into the new armored frame of a Toa. I heard an audible gasp go through the crowd, and when I stood up, there were only six new Toa. Usually there were at least 20, usually more. The 1000 Matoran present were all whispering to each other, pointing at me. I looked to the old Turaga, who were also whispering, their eyes clouded with concern. I decided to glance down at myself to try and see what they were so concerned about. My new armor was black, with a bit of yellow here and there. Seeing nothing unusual about this, I removed my mask to take a look at it. I stared at it for a couple of seconds in disbelief. The Kanohi clattered to the floor.

Master Tahu stepped forth, his hunched body commanding the room’s attention, despite his short stature. He picked up my mask and fondled it for a moment before gently placing it in my arms. His respect was immediate, obvious, and undeserved. I hadn’t done anything to earn this honor.

“It would seem…. That we have the new leader of our Toa. Please welcome Toa Varan, Toa of Time!” His words were welcoming, but his voice was rife with doubt and concern. It was all I could do to not keep staring at the Kanohi in my arms, the Vahi, the Legendary Mask of Time


Day 2: Now, today was halted a little by some drama in my personal life, but I still turned out a healthy amount.

I stood in the Great Temple for hours, just staring at my mask. How could I be a Toa of Time? How could a Toa of Time even exist? How does being a Toa of Time actually work? After asking myself this last question, I decided to test out my elemental power. Slowly, I let the power flow out from my body, watching as everything around me slowed down. I could suddenly sense everything in the room, from the smallest dust mite to the slight breeze that was about to pass by the Suva. It was as if everything encompassed by my power had become a part of me. I then redirected my energies and sped everything up. I felt as hours turned to seconds, and days turned into minutes. I honestly could have just stayed there forever, watching year after year go by. However, a few minutes later, I felt a hand come to rest on my shoulder. I immediately cut off my power and turned to look at the newcomer. It was Tahu. I dropped to one knee in respect for the old Turaga, but he shook his head.
“There is no time for formalities. You have wasted enough time here as it is. If you are to fulfill your destiny, you shall need to understand the delicate nature of your element.” Tahu said, showing the fire still burning inside of him, even after so many years.
“I don’t understand. Time is under my control, I can control it! Can’t I?” I asked, suddenly unsure of myself.
“Come, let me show you how damaging your power can be.” Tahu said, beckoning me to follow him.
We walked over to a portion of the Great Temple, and Tahu bent down and picked something up. “This is a baby Fikou Spider. Look at what your ‘control’ has done.” He said, scorn in his voice. I looked at the tiny creature. It was in a constant loop of aging to death in a matter of seconds.
“But how is this possible? I only sped up time!” I said, confused.
“There is a reason the original Vahi was only used twice. Its power was too random to be used correctly. Believe me, I understand the allure of that power. I was one of the two beings to wield it before you. But you cannot allow it to consume you as I just witnessed. You are perhaps the most powerful Toa ever to exist. It would be wise to use caution when attempting to access your element.” There was anger in Tahu’s voice, but also kindness. “Come, let us meet the rest of your team. They are….. similarly unique.”

We walked over to the Barracks, where both the Glatorian and the Toa lived. As we walked through the high-roofed corridors, I noticed that quite a few Glatorian were looking at me with hate in their eyes. One of them stepped forward to greet me, a white-armored Glatorian of Ice. I recognized him as the one I saw beat a Matoran on the day of my transformation.
“Hello…. I am Skarrt, protector of district 10. You may address me as Sir.” He said, never taking his eyes off my mask. His helmet had a massive jaw, and was pulled back at the top so that it looked like a group of icicles bunched together. It was quite old, with dirt filling every nook and cranny of the helmet. Several of the icicle shapes had worn down considerably

I recognized the shape from its description in accounts of the ancient Glatorian known as Strakk. I assumed this thug was a descendent. I also noticed that he carried a huge axe, also from Strakk. There was a murderous look in his eyes, and his lean body was covered with armor. Here and there there would be a cracked Kanohi among his armor. I noticed that in one hand he was fondling a Toa’s mask of Summoning. It was stained with blood. I almost attacked him, but Tahu held me back.

“No, Varan. He would kill you too. Trust that he will be dealt with by others.” The old hero whispered, although he didn’t look too convinced. I nodded and Tahu led me away.

We came to a chamber with 6 beings inside. One was Turaga Gali, who scurried away once Tahu entered. The other 5 were Toa, but the most unusual Toa I’d ever seen. There was a Toa of Light named Tanma, who looked a lot like carvings of Lewa when he had been a Toa,

A male Toa of lightning named Karn, who wore a Glatorian helmet instead of a Kanohi,

A female Toa of Fire named Hatu who wore a gold Hau,

yeah, that's all I got for today. One thing I'm noticing about my writing is that it's not exactly boring, but it feels more like watching a baseball game than watching an adventure. Any advice for this would be appreciated