The Toa TTV

Has anyone noticed the main six cast members kinda make up a Toa Team in some sense?

-Varderan is the leader.
-Meso is the sheriff
-Viper, the only female in the main six cast members. This makes 5 males and 1 female, which reminds me too much of how there is one Toa of Water, and the rest are male.

What are your guy’s ideas on how the TTV crew could be a Toa Team?


Deputy. The word you’re thinking of is Deputy.

Also, what I see what you’re trying to say, they really form more of a general Five-Man Band(give or take one member, but the number doesn’t have to be specific to apply.)

There’s all sorts of various ensemble tropes out there that could apply to TTV


Gr8 idea m8 so:
Eljay- toa of air (jungle)
Venom- toa of water
Kahi- toa of fire
Varderan- toa of ice
Viper- toa of stone (her MOC is green but i can’t just scrap Eljay, right?)
Mesonak- toa of earth

Eljay Toa of mangosteen
Mesonak toa of exactly


She doesnt necessarily need to be a toa of water…
and also

I will give you a concise list of the elements they can have, because you all are only using the main 6

toa varderan, master of earth, or possibly twilight? I dunno
toa Mesonak, master of shadow
toa eljay, master of jungle
toa kahi, master of plasma (yes I know, he is red, but I feel like it could work)
toa viper master of psionics (yes she has green, whatever)
toa venom master of earth/stone
and finally
toa takuma master of ice (cause he is colder then kopaka)
and toa exxtrooper master of air (wasnt sure, just went with air)

so, what do you guys think of that list?

var would be the leader
Meso the second in command


I didn’t say she was. I said it reminded me on how the Toa of Water may only be the only female in the group.


Then Highly Suspect is a Titan


Personally I’d view Highly Suspect as Toa Lhikan’s currently unknown team members.

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Change this to:


No, change it to this.


hay guis, let’s call da ttv membas to this convo and hear dere thots!

but seriously I want to see where it goes

She doesn’t need to be Toa of water…

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Now I’m conflicted because ice would actually be rather fitting for me, but in the past I’ve always gone by “Laser” or The Green.

Whatever. So long as I get to wear a Rode 's’all good.


I’ll be sure to keep that in mind if you appear in my parody (that one where I replaced the Toa Mata with the cast members.)

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Takuma: Toa of Loser
I mean uh

I definitely didn’t misread that


I thought that he always was. That was the element he had in his comic