The Toa Valda Revisited (Biowave Project)

The Biowave Project: The Toa Valda Revisited

With the Makuta defeated, the Matoran have found prosperity on their new island home of Valda Nui. But a new darkness is spreading across the land, and like the new Toa that will rise before the storm, it is something that prophecy had never foretold…

Since the completion of the Toa Project several months ago, I've been making continuous changes to the Toa Valda.
With my current promotion of the Biowave Project, I thought it was a good time to revisit the Toa in their (mostly) finalised forms, and reveal more story details for the project's upcoming webcomic series.

Story details for the Biowave Project will be highlighted in bold.

Height Order

Disclaimer: Some Toa have received many more upgrades than others.
To view the original group post, click here.

Kalama, Toa of Fire

Formerly the Captain of the New Ta-Koro Guard on Valda Nui, Kalama's duty is now to the entire island. While the other Toa wonder why they of all Matoran have been chosen, Kalama is an undisputed fit for the mantle.

Weapon: Flame staff
Function: Turning waist

- Some small tweaks to the torso construction.
- Slightly shorter staff.

Weapon Stored:



Vhisola, Toa of Water

Because of her cowardly acts during the Makuta's takeover of the Matoran Universe, Vhisola is universally disliked by her people, and until now has wandered the island in search of new meaning. Now, as a Toa, perhaps she has a chance to regain their trust.

Weapon: Spear
Function: Swimming arms

- Redesigned colour scheme, with yellow replaced by silver and the mask made dark blue (the yellow was a controversial aspect of Vhisola, and this change will surely be as well, however I wanted her to fit her element better).
- Changed eyes and heartlights from dark blue to dark green to complement the new colour scheme.
- Added armour pieces to arm connectors to fill in empty space.
- Changed forearm armour to increase arm coverage.

Weapon Stored:



(Note: this model is non-canon.)

Hafu, Toa of Stone

Hafu's passion for carving meant that he never exercised the idea of becoming a Toa. Now he is forced to leave his craft behind in pursuit of dark forces terrorising the island. Unlike the other Toa, he was neither ready nor willing to change profession on such short notice.

Weapons: Bone hammer, bone shield
Function: Running limbs

- Replaced bone sword with a bone hammer (I wanted to do this originally but never had time).
- Repainted some pieces to give them a cleaner look.
- Modified and more stable means of attaching the chest and abdomen pieces to the gearbox body.
- Drastic modifications to the gearbox to improve sturdiness and functionality, and to give Hafu a thinner waist (such that the legs look less detached from the body).
- New means of storing the weapon as well as the shield.

Weapons Stored:

New Hammer:



Tamaru, Toa of Air

Tamaru is hyperactive, witty and aloof, which can make him lose sight of the big picture at times. Despite this, he is fiercely loyal, and seems to possess an almost unnatural accuracy with his disk launcher. If there is ever an ambush to spring or a diversion to make, Tamaru will most likely be the one behind it.

Weapons: Sword, disk launcher with Accuracy Kanoka disk
Function: Flapping wings

- Repainted turquoise parts for a cleaner look
- New means of storing the disk launcher that does not obstruct the function.
- Minor modifications to the gearbox to make it more stable.
- New printed Kanoka disk.

Wings Hidden:

Weapons Stored:



Ehrye, Toa of Ice

Ehrye has recently begun to experience visions. These have only become more intense with his transformation into a Toa, but his impatient and closed-minded nature impedes him from truly understanding them. What is clear from them however, is that danger is on the horizon, and it is these visions which may help point the Toa in the right direction as they search for the source of the darkness plaguing the island.

Weapons: Ice picks
Function: Swinging arms

- Scope lens colour changed from dark blue to light blue to make it more vibrant.
- Eye colour changed to match scope colour.
- Forearm and thigh liftarms made white to blend into colour scheme better.
- Minor modifications to gearbox to make it more sturdy.

Scope Stored:

Weapons Stored:



(Note: in my version of the canon, Ehrye is the same character as Arktinen, whose appearance is shown here. This plot-point was too complicated to be worth mentioning in the Biowave story, but you can learn more about it in the original Toa Valda topic.)

Kaj, Toa of Earth

Disavowed from the Ussalry for disobeying orders, Kaj has always assumed his approach to be the best one. Working as a Rahi culler in the fierce jungles of Bo-Wahi since then has forced his communication skills to wane; and given his skill as both a strong and nimble warrior, regaining these skills might be his biggest challenge as a Toa.

Weapons: Throwing knives, bow and arrow, claws
Function: Swinging arms, launching arrow

- Repainted purple parts for a cleaner look.
- Modified means of torso armour attachment.
- Made both arms turn with the gear function instead of one.
- Resewn hood and cloak for a neater look.
- Simplified means of attachment of the bow to the hand such that the claw piece does not need to be moved.
- 'Arrow head wrappings' made brown instead of red to fit more with the design (by emulating leather).

Hood Down:

Bow Equipped:

(New means of attaching the bow to the hand.)

Weapons Stored:


(Swinging Arms)

(Launching Arrow)


The Biowave Project - a Community Initiative

I and a few other members of the Bionicle community are currently developing content for an expanded G1 storyline, which includes MOCs and a webcomic series covering events following the defeat of Makuta Teridax.

The Biowave Project Website

All of our work for the project will be archived on the site.

Along with project and set overviews, you'll find several entries into the Story section:

Follow the links below to see more entries into the project:

Looking for Artists

We recently decided to have multiple artists working on different sections of the first episode of the webcomic.
If anyone is interested in producing a small section of the webcomic's first episode (i.e. drawing each panel), please contact me.
Whether you're completely set on fulfilling the role or not, please don't hesitate to ask about the project and the work required.

It is highly desirable that you:

  • Have existing artwork to show to us,
  • Can work on the first webcomic with some degree of regularity during its development.

It would be useful if you:

  • Can utilise an art style that resembles the following:

Our previous artist's style: inspired by the movies' aesthetic, and by the MNOG art style.

Next Time: The Toa Takha


Vhisola, Ehrye, and Kaj are my favorites.

I feel like Hafu's white looks odd, but they're good overall.

Double post my dude =P

Anyways, they look really good, the paint jobs especially. When I first saw Tamaru, I didn't realize the teal parts were painted. Not a fan of the Rahkshi heads on Kalama and I think Hafu could use more white. Overall cool builds and neat functions, especially Vhisola's swimming thing. Also I like that Hafu has running legs without the super wide hips, gg on that one :slight_smile:

RIP Vishola's yellow

She's so dull now...


I liked yellow Vhisola.

it was nice, unique, and interesting compared to other ga-toa

While they're kinda just modified Inika builds I think the unique gear functions make up for that fact. Though overall I think Ehrye is my favorite.
And Tamaru's function is cool and all but it makes no sense for getting lift.

But that map is freaking awesome! where did you make it?


@Toa_Heatwave made it on Inkarnate. Thank him :stuck_out_tongue:


These are great!, also are you gonna make some MNOG rahi?

Ehrye is my favorite.

Such a good wave of toas, my favourite in is definitely Ehrye, with Tamaru and Hafu being close seconds in terms of functions and looks. Awesome stuff!

These are amazing. And some of these gear functions are incredible.

They definitely look a lot more clean and streamlined now, which is a major plus. Hafus bone hammer looks cool, too.

They all look really great, and I like the functions!

My favorite one is Ehrye.

Those are the best gear functions ever. I wish Pohatu had a running function like Hafu's.

Also, I love how Kaj's bow can actually fire. That's awesome. Time to disassemble my spare Nuhvok to build it... :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well that's rude :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it's my camera :wink:

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The functions are things of beauty, especially Hafu.

Between the MNoG Project, and this, you definitely deserve this Turtle...


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:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: (I have 3 hands!?)