The Tortoise and the Hare

The Tortoise and the Hare

Legends say that on some extra spooky Halloween nights in a small town near you that you can hear the thunderous motor of Killbilly’s Monstercycle and Pumpkin Joe’s Off-roader trucking down the interstate (and through the occasional cornfield). Nobody knows where they came from. Some say they came right from the depths of Tartarus… Others say they live in Pennsylvania.

A MOC that I built for a local Lego contest. I won, but its hard to lose when you’re the only competitor in your age bracket. This was a lot of fun to build. I finally got to put a lot of those minifig base tiles to use and I think it turned out pretty nice.


I love Nexo plates being used for the Monster Truck teeth. That’s just brilliant. really good build overall.


Thats just awesome!

How do those manage to stay on only one wheel?

Is a chicken driving that giant one-wheeled car?!

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That one-wheeled cycle looks incredible! I love it!

Thanks! Glad that you like it!

Some hidden technic beams for the monstercycle and some transparent pieces on the off-roader.

:chicken: :truck: