The Transfusion

These are 2 moc that I made long ago:


A strange scorpion thing


A fusion hybrid with Tampt and some ancient armor.

Unfortunately their no longer around...

Because it have reach it's "final form".



Tampt are ancient critter that roam an ancient ruin, this Tampt is a male, however the armor that transfuse with it was a female spirit.
Tampt are also loyal to the people that lived in the ruins, so it accepted the perma fusion so they share the same mind and power together.


Good job on this, I quite like it. I do however have one question about it's mini lore, is it Bionicle or Hero Factory?

I really like this MOC. However, I think that the plain, black chesplate on it's chest is really out of place. Also, the fact that it's upside-down doesn't really help. Turn it around and maybe use a printed one.

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@EvilLobsterKing - I wanted to be in it's own universe, but Bionicle is the closest to fit.

@TheShadow - I'm minimum with parts ( I have no golden chest plate add-on aside from Kopaka ).

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These are great!

That last dude has a dope beard

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@Square -If that's the case, then I understand. As I said, I still really like this MOC, despite that chestplate. Congrats. smiley

love the look. love the concept and story behind it 14.5/15

I like the ancient look of the last one. plus it has gold, so it gets TERMINXX's badass seal of approval.

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