The Tritoran Project v.2

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If I'm correct, it's been about a month since I've posted V.1, but you most likely don't care so back to the topic...

Tritoran V.2

New and improved!
Backstory: as a result of the three failing to dominate the tournament, they went their own ways to improve their techniques. They said that in a year and a half they will reunite with their primary mentor/master back in Century's Village...

Letan V.2

Secondary mentor: Swarmix
Weapons/arms: Venomous fangs (in attack stance) and Mantis Blades
Other info: He still remains the fastest and smartest. His accuracy is pretty decent but his strength is low compares to Detrius.

Attack Stance

Rule: This only activates when health is 10% or lower
Power: Venomous Strike- attacks do 1.5x damage and plus 20% dodge rate

Vetraz V.2

Secondary mentor: Shadow
Weapons/arms: Fire crackers, torch, matches, and Bony Sword (in attack stance)
Other info: He's sneaky and has the highest accuracy of the three. Although he's strong than Letan, he is not as fast or smart as him.

Attack stance:

Rule: This only activates when health is 10% or lower
Power: Master Trickster- Speed increases a little and plus 15% for all fire damage

Detrius V.2

Secondary mentor: Onavark (I going to change the picture because it's the wrong moc)
Weapons/arms: Rocky Flail
Other info: Although he still lacks intelligence, he makes it up with strength and defense. His brutish qualities allow him to trample his enemies.

Attack stance

Rule: This only activates when health is 10% or lower
Power: Brutal Smackdown- Attacks do 4x damage but health goes down to 1%

Final shot with their master...

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If you were wondering, yes that is a new set up in the back but it's still in the same room. It's probably going to be like that for while and I do apologize for the shadows and camera quality

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Letan has some beautiful kneecaps.

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I despise lego for making the mask that color, so it clearly breaks the color scheme
It makes me TRIGGERED
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Shush, we need more yellowish green pieces.

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More skull spider colored pieces should be a thing.

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I feel like they should have made the piece lime-ish color