The Troopers of Star Wars and related Discussion

Talk here! Talk all about em! Stormies, Clones, Rebels, droids, Mandolorians, Bounty Hunters, force using troops, the like! EU and Legacy or Movie Continuity! Talk about their gear, armor, weapons, and whatever you like about them!

BTW any throw-away/specialized versions of any troops or guards, related infantry and the like are welcome, Legacy or not Though if Sequel trilogy info is involved, try not to spoil others and use spoiler tags!

Clones and Stormies are my favorite!


always liked the troops, from the Super Battle Droids, 501st Clone Battalion, Stormtroopers, I really like all of them

I find the Resistance Sodiers and new Stormtroopers a worthy addition to the line of Star Wars troops


Always preferred Clone Commandos, ARC troopers, and Clone-armored Jedi

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these guys were always pretty cool, especially Obi Wan's


Disliked The Clone Wars TV show redesigns, which just had them with the lower arms and legs armored, but I do enjoy the 03 CW designs.

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I've always been more of a clone commando/Mandalorian kind of guy.

Or basically anything that consists of a specialized team with bunch of gadgets.

It's like a bunch of Batmans...with not get the idea.


I really do enjoy the clones since people say that clones were not that good in attack of the clones.

But the clones had development in the Clone Wars Cartoon (2008 version)
You felt sorry if one dies I kid you not

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Oh, I love generics.

I have no idea why.

My favorite design for a Str Wrz Troop has to be the classic and memorable Stormtrooper Armor. While the Soldiers that lay inside may be terrible shots and are outclassed by literally every other type of Trooper, the Suit just looks so Intimidating.

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I imagine that the wise guys soon found out how not intimidating
they really are

I for one have been partial to AT-AT pilots and imperial gunners, myself.

I really like the original Stormtroopers.

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I never really understood why the stormtroopers/clones always have white armor.
It looks awesome thought.

So that you can see them in the black depths of space, in case of a ship crash. That way, the contrast allows for rescue missions to be more easily accomplished.


Flame troopers don't get enough love.


First order, or original EU stormies? Or...?

As characters, the First Order, for reasons.

Man, I love the Death Watch armor, both clone armors, both stormtrooper armors and he Old Republic trooper armor. I don't know why, it's something about the full body covering.

Also, I like the battle droids, they are funny. Their job ain't to take over the Galaxy, their job is to kill as many Jedi as possible before Palpatine becomes emperor, for a cheap price.
And I like how Grievous is like "How am I supposed to do that when all you give me is battle droids?!" and Dooku is like "Whatever."


I like the look of original stormtroopers and clones with the fin thing on top of their helmet (I'm not that much into star wars to know if they're special or anything, I just enjoy watching the movies). But the new troopers aren't great and the clones in the revenge of he Sith don't look great, IMO. I don't know, it's just the fact they're too clean. Actually, the old troopers are like bionicle and the new clones are like early CCBS or Apple.

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Im a fan of the original ARC Troopers from the 2003 micro series.
Just a awesome ■■■■■■ feel when watching them fight.


The ARC and BARC troopers are cool and all, but is nobody going to talk about the Clone Commandos? namely Delta Squad and Omega Squad?