The true purpose of the LOSS mask?

As many of us know already, the golden skull spider mask featured in the LOSS set has raised some interesting questions on why it even exists or its relevance to the BIONICLE 2015 story plot (if any). However this particular mask does have relevance to the story, because as mentioned in the skull slicer description he was "an ancient champion re-animated by the lord of skull spider mask". This states that this particular mask grants the power of re-animation, or at least some form of power that can take or give a previous living creature a soul.(all these skull villains appear to have lived in the flesh before) But questions still remain about the masks true purpose. Why was the mask created? Who created the mask? Who wears the mask? Why is this mask associated with LOSS? Does it control skull spiders? Does it belong to skull slicer? Why does the product description say "dark magic" is associated with the mask? Is this mask evil?

I would like to ask the community their thoughts and theories about this mask, what do you think its here for? Feel free to answer questions or even speculate some more! I want to see what everyone else has to say about this menacing mask...


I say that it was created by Ekimu or Makuta when the skull spiders attacked the ancient city (assuming that they did). When they made it, it was used to drive off the attackers. After the skull spiders left, the mask was left to decay with the rest of the city. LOSS finds the mask. Alright, now this theory's going to get real good, but shaky. I say that Makuta connects with the mask and, since LOSS is a skull spider, controls him. Through him, he uses the mask to create a hoard of spiders so that he can get his long awaited revenge. Anyways, that's just my theory.


to me, it seems it has the power to reanimate things and also control whatever the skull spiders and skull warriors are. Then again there could even be more purpose to this...


I think it was created around the same time as the skull warriors were still in action. It was then lost (ha, LOSS) until LOSS found it. The skull spiders may have appeared around the first time.

The true purpose?

To make people buy LoSS.


What are you talking about? LOSS is great! I mean sure, he's lowest on my list of sets... and I haven't bought him... and he's a little odd... Yeah I think you have a point.


The LoSS Mask has the power to reanimate the dead and to control the Skull Spiders and the Skull Villains.
So the purpose of the LoSS Mask is to use dark magic.

I think that it was made by Makuta, then found by LOSS. I'm pretty sure that LOSS is a different species then the Skull Spiders. But hey that's just a theory. A BIONICLE THEORY! Thanks for reading.

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Fair point, but it makes you think why the civilizations on okoto would even need that power to begin with..

@RedHoodieReveiwer I originally thought that maybe the mask created the skull spiders, thus controlling them... but wait a sec wouldn't the mask of creation created them? And then the mask of control could control them.... woah I think I'm on to something!

@TakanuvaMasterOfTime It very well could have been made by makuta, if he made it, it would seem that he was the one behind the first skull spider attack on the ancient city....but who was responsible for the second one?

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That's a fair idea. They may have also been a biproduct of the mask of ultimate power.

Well, we know the GMOSS controls the Skull Spiders.....maybe it's a mutated/corrupted form of the MOCO.

What if the skull spiders are already dead, and the LOSS mask is the Okoto equivalent of a great Tryma?


Good point. Maybe at one time they were plain spiders. Just like Skull Warrior was at one time a plain old warrior.

My guess the mask is LoSS, it probably got mutated to the part it became it's own species or some weird enchantment.

I like that idea, after all why would they be refered to as "skull spiders" If they weren't dead, just a thought


To sell an otherwise boring set.

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What if it was a replacement Mask of Control Makuta made?
Continuing @IllustriousVar 's theory about Makuta going to the Ancient City to "protect" Ekimu, what if Makuta tried using his "Mask of Control 2.0" to summon something to get the protectors to leave. The mask, being poorly made, summoned the masks of the other dead protectors in the crypt area Ekimu was buried in.
If the skull spider was the base design for a "Great mask" it would explain why the Loss mask looks like a Skull Spider.
It would also support the idea of the Skull Villains masks being prize masks.


To be thrown into the trash.