The TTV Chronicles (If you're interested in being a part of this, just tell me your self moc)

This will contain several in-jokes, swearing maybe, violence, and many, many, mangosteens. It’s basically saying, i’m going to write rather than do fanart. I want to implement as many fans as I can to the story. That being said, feel free to tell me anything about your self moc I need to know (colors, appearance, name, which is a big one)

Author’s note: There’s going to be a lot of fans in a village. That is why I need self-mocs and names. GPNB is probably NOT going to be the main bad guy.
The TTV Chronicles: Chapter 1, The Silver Peaks
Toa Joseph looked to the stars to wonder how he got here, on this strange island, and where the rest of his team was. He saw mountains ahead. He was going to look for them there, as it was a common plan for his team to rally at a mountain so rahi could be seen. The only problem was the dense forest ahead.
He walked on for several minutes. Around him, he saw teeth light up. But only teeth. He was not going to use his Faxon, because he had no clue what it was or its behavior. One came out of the shadows and revealed themselves to only be glowing teeth. One attempted to strike him, but it was knocked back by a flash of yellow and black. This form eventually disappeared, but Joe swore that it said “Watch yourself, scrub”
Several more attacked, but were met by a blade from another being. “Glow in the Teeth Darks!?” a voice said from next to him. “They only get the new people to the island anymore.” Joe looked next to him and saw a mostly black and silver body with one exception being his red Hau. “Who are you?” Joe asked. “I’m Frodobell, but most call me Frodo. Who are you?” Frodo responded. He didn’t know who this was or whether to trust them, but he didn’t seem that trustable but at the same time did. He went with the side of him that said that he should trust him. “Joe.” He said.
After Joe explained where he was going, Frodo said “There’s only one man up there and one alone. The village close by call him Ekorak, Lone Guardian of the Silver Peaks.” “Is he friendly?” Joe asked. “Yeah, we hang out sometimes, just not much anymore since the last time I tried to find out what he was guarding.” Frodo replied as we walked. “Can you get me to the village?” Joe asked. “Sure, I’ll take you to the Silver Peaks if you want.” Frodo responded. “Ok, thanks, let’s go.”
As the two set out on their journey the Giant Psychic Name-Baby watched them from his underground lair of the NSA “Kopeke, Voom-Voom make sure that they do not come anywhere close to the Silver Peaks, or they will know.” The GPNB said. “Yes, master, what should we do to kill them? IceBleed even has limits.” Kopeke asked. “Send the Beast.” “Excellent choice, my lord.” Kopeke said as he went to unleash one of the most horrifying beasts in their captivity.
Little does Joe know, the other 3 members of his team are back on his island.
Frodo and Joe arrive at the village as two people greet Frodo “Hello Frodo, we don’t usually see the military up near the Silver Peaks. And who’s this?” The person talking was interrupted by a yell from another side of the village. “Some girl is in trouble!”(RWBY reference) he yelled. The three of them run to see a horrifying beast. “The beady eyes! Staring into your soul…” The other yelled. The things ears started shaking and the eyes started moving. “That’s unsettling!” He yelled. The creature fired lasers at a building and someone ran out of it which Joe assumed was Spencer.
Joe realized he had a flame sword sheathed on his side and quickly pulled it out. The other two did the same as him. Frodo had a sword, while the other was a staff-wielder. They got ready to strike as the beast was killed by a Skakdi warrior in green armor. “Viper!?” the others yelled. “Who?” Joe asked the blue warrior. “Oh, sorry, This is Viper, one of several of the strongest warriors on the island. I am commonly referred to as Toa of Shadows, but you may call me Toa of Shadows.” Toa of Shadows said. “Ok, and was that Spencer? Joe asked. “Yeah, he’s a ranged weapon-user, he can’t use his gun unless at long range. So he tries to avoid rahi that are fast.” Toa of Shadows said as Spencer walks out from a hut he quickly barricaded himself inside. “Aww come on! That’s the eighth time you’ve done this to my house!” he yelled at Spencer. Viper had walked over to us and asked if we were alright. “Fine, we’re going to be on our way to the Silver Peaks.” Joe said. “We should actually, let’s go, Joe.” Frodo said, but then Spencer came over. “Hey, are you going to the Silver Peaks?” Spencer asked “Yeah, why?” Frodo asked. “Can I come?” Spencer begged. “Yes, the more the merrier.” Joe said. The trio headed up to the top of the enormous mountain.
The GPNB sat on his chair, looking to see if Kopeke and Voom-Voom failed. When he realized he did, he got mad and threw a fit. When the two returned they were scolded for failing. “We cannot have this happen again… Kopeke, get Laval and Rocka, they are our only hope of success…” GPNB said.
The trio came to a halt when they arrived at what seemed like a dead end. Frodo had started to walk to the door and push a button. All of a sudden, we were brought into a larger area while Spencer and Joe realized this was a gate to a massive wall. We had gone a few meters when a lion that seemed on fire and a person wearing a ridiculous mask appeared. We readied our weapons and prepared to battle the two.
Joe had swung and missed with his sword. Then he ran off as well as the other. “Should we follow them?” Spencer asked. “No, they might be trying to get us one by one.” Frodo responded. They continued on when they thought they just left.
They walked up the mountain trail for a while when six canisters fell from above. “Hero Factory sent drop-pods, we need to move before they send Jaw Blade!” Frodo yelled as he ran up the mountain. They stopped when they reached the top of the Silver Peaks. Six figures that were following them were shot by Spencer, but he barely damaged them. Just then, they became surrounded by black and silver people that were half their size, but they had great numbers.
The Hero Factory were cut down by the small people without losing one of their number. The others that had us surrounded stepped forward to attack when they heard a distant booming voice “MINI EKORAKS, DO NOT HARM THEM!!!” Just then, a bigger silver and black figure appeared. The smaller ones stepped back. “Frodo! Spencer! Haven’t seen you two in a while! Wait, who’s this?” He said pointing to Joe. He only assumed this was the Lone Guardian of the Silver Peaks, Ekorak. “I’m Joe.” He replied.
“Nice to meet you. Shouldn’t you be at this year’s Mardi Gras in TTV-Koro?” Ekorak asked. “I still have a few days, and Mardi Gras is a week long. I saw Joe getting attacked by Glow in the Teeth Darks. Apparently him and his team are to meet up here. You seen anyone?” Frodo said. “No, I don’t believe they are here on the island. I will go to check around the Silver Peaks to make sure.” Ekorak said as he teleported away.
He came back a few minutes later saying his team wasn’t here, or ever was. “Ok…” Joe said when he noticed Frodo had disappeared. Then we all saw him and heard “ERMAHGERD!!! Ok, guys, guys WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR WHAT HE DID!!! You won’t believe your ears! You will be so jealous of Ekorak!” “The build-up here…” Joe said. “It will change our life FOREVER” He continued. “I’ve known you for about 7 years, and you have THIS!?! It’s so incredibly out of this world! What is this thing you ask? THE COLOSSAL EKORAK!!!” He finished. (That was a reference to TTV #101)


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