The TTV Pitching Ground

Okay, what is the pitching ground?

Basically, we’re an online entertainment company, and that comes with a lot of advantages. As noted by Burnie Burns in his VidCon 2014 Keynote, companies used to pay millions of dollars to see what their audience wanted, and we get all of that information for free.

So if you want something you want to “pitch” to us, be it a new video series, a podcast segment, a Let’s Play idea, or whatever else, here is the place to do it!

Ground rules:

  • By posting in this topic, you are submitting your ideas to us free and for our usage. Meaning that, by posting in this topic with an idea, you are freely pitching your idea for us to use in our channel however we want to. You can’t “retract” the idea later by deleting the post or editing it (we can see the changes and deleted posts, so there’s not much use to it). If you decide that you want to do something with this idea, you are welcome to, but you cannot prevent us from using it too.
  • We want to and will try to give credit where credit is due, but this is at our own discretion. If you give us an idea that we use as inspiration, we will make sure to credit you. That being said, if you see a series that seems really similar to an idea you propose here and we did not credit you, it is probably because we already have thought about this idea before. We go through tons of series ideas behind the scenes that the audience never sees. Again, the only reason we’re making this disclaimer is that I’m sure someone is going to pitch an idea and we will have already been planning or discussing it months in advanced and it just happened to be similar and they will say that we “stole” their idea. If inspiration came from you, we will credit you. If it didn’t, then we won’t. It sounds simple, but I guarantee that someone is going to miss this in the future.
  • These pitches are meant for our channel and our current cast members, not as an avenue for you to join our cast. If we do choose to follow up on one of your ideas, that does not mean that 1. You are going to be in the cast lineup for said series/segment or 2. You will guest star at any point in the show. If we do, by chance, happen to decide that you fit our criteria for being a cast member, we will contact you personally. This is not meant to be a casting call or something like that; off topic posts will be weeded through and deleted.

Sorry about that; the rules do come off as pretty harsh. I’m just trying to weed out the potential problems as best I can. There’ll be some eventually, of course, but I realize the power of preloading it into people’s heads.

Honestly, though, we are very interested in seeing what you guys want to see from our channel, and we’ll seriously take stuff like this into consideration. This kind of feedback, this back and forth between producers and consumers, is something we’d literally never be able to do with any other type of medium or industry, so we’re grateful that we’re getting this chance.



I would suggest a show where someone reviews a specific character, pointing out the best and worst moments of the character. I picture Eljay doing this series, but any of the cast would be fine. Also, It would be great to have Ven pick up Invictus Analysis when Invi leaves, although I doubt this will come to be.

Sort of like the Character Spotlight on the BS01 Podcast?

yeah. I guess.

I’d kinda like to see a Destiny lets play. It’s bungie, and we know you guys like Halo. On top of that, it’s multiplayer up for 3 people, so it could be a group thing.


More five nights at Fred’s?
Or maybe having forum members here have guest appearances on the podcast or something like that.

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Sorry man.

I can’t read apparently.
In that case @Makuta_Verakion earlier idea about character spotlights is something I’d be interested in seeing.

This seems cool. I’ll think up a few ideas.

MOC showcases.

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…not like I was going to suggest that or anything.


lpwise games I would love to see lped by you guys are as follows
sims 4
rollercoaster tycoon (any)
kingdom hearts (longshothere)
smash bros
and for anything new series wise or segment…
maybe a read our question…wait you already are going to
maybe a moc spotlight…or a story spotlight
nothing much I really want to see as a viewer…maybe something for the new people on ttv
that would be cool

Ace Attorney Let’s Play with Kahi, maybe?

I’ve personally been saying Viper should be the successor

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She would also be very good.

she would throw games out the window
but jokes aside
she would be great
I can see that
it would be great

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“It would be neat, as she gives a beat, she rhymes so good, someone will pay their crimes in da hood”
Rhyming of the day.
But for real it would be pretty cool to have her be a successor.
And as an idea, wouldnt it be cool if we had a messageboards highlight where each member mentions their favorite thing on the forums this week.

Both are ideas we’ve had in the pipeline for a very long time; we used to do that last one as a segment on our podcast hosted by Tom and Sumiki. There’s talks about bringing it back. As for the character spotlight, well, I’ll just point you at this little MF teaser.

Single player games are hard to LP as a group. That’s just a fact. KH is kind of a longer game that would be kind of ehhh, but I’m not ruling it out. RCT might be fun. Smash Bros would involve us having a capture card and a WiiU, so that’s more of a “If we ever meet up in real life” thing. Sims 4… that’s the most likely of the lot, since it’s a sandbox PC game and we can easily stream the LP to everyone else.

Fun fact: I did that about three years ago and it was…blech. The quality of the video pretty much speaks for itself.

Well how about some collaborated/submitting videos to where the fans can send you a video clip on a certain topic/whatever, and that all gets edited together into one whole video.

While I’m not sure exactly what this series could be, I’d love to see some sort of show with a Kahi vs. Eljay sorta dynamic, if only because the coverages give me the idea that the two clash on lots of things.