The TTV Pitching Ground

Yeah, like I said in the destiny topic, we could create a TTV clan to help the community feel involved.

New ideas? Well, I guess you could have...


Has there been a Bionicle Heroes Let's Play? That would be interesting.

How about a completely laid back and informal type of video? The crew could literally flip on the recording and just have at it, talking about anything and everything in a less-than-organized podcast fashion. I've always thought as much as TTV says they are pretty chill in general, they could have a place where things can go wherever the conversation goes. Personally I think that would be fun to watch. I had that exclusive bts video from a while back in mind, so that kind of fun stuff!


I believe that that's already been done, though it only lasted for one episode.

Hey guys, just out of curiosity... as far as I know, you haven't done any livestreaming apart from MakutaFest (if you have, whoops lol.) I think it'd be cool if you did some kind of casual livestream every so often, either on Twitch with someone/all of you playing a game or just a live Google+ Hangout (or whatever it's called) on YouTube. I wouldn't be surprised if you discussed this already at some point, just throwing it out there stuck_out_tongue

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I think the problem with that is the potential conversation topics being sensitive. But It's a good idea!

SENSITIVE? I'll have you know I am the calmest person ever. GAAAAA! RAAAAAAGE! I ain't sensitive, who said that? I want to burn stuff now, AAAAAAAH! Jk.

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Good point. Maybe it's possible to do it without dropping their guard completely.

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Been Looking for that video ever since you mentioned it in an old podcast...

I know someone who would do a video highlighting some videos other people in the fandom have made, I guess that's an idea.


We've seriously considered this idea! Let's just say there's a very good chance of something like that happening soon.

We've seriously thought about it...but the BioTube fandom didn't exactly have the biggest plethora of videos on a weekly basis that we wanted to showcase. Also, we'd be a little pissed ourselves if someone basically rehosted our video while just adding a bit of a commentary track. Maybe if we find a way to better balance it and when there's a regular stream of great community videos when Bionicle's back, we'll dust off this idea and try it again.


Could you bring back the song parodies? They were 8/8 gr8, m8!

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Hey! I had a little idea that, since Lego is making a big reveal that's predicted to be Bionicle in four days, we should take the last three of those days and celebrate, with each day themed after one of the three virtues. The first would be Unity, the second would be Duty, and the last Destiny. I've already made a topic so that all the users here can celebrate that together, right here; but it would also be neat if each day you guys did something, a video or something, to go along with the group celebration.

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Sweet :3

How about one of these days, you host a live discussion with fans about bionicle over a stream i.e. Talks with the Community/ Talks with the Chroniclers.


What about T-Shirts? You could use spreadshirt. I know I would buy one.

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Shirt ideas:
Hype Train (obviously)
King Vultraz
The Miru is a dumb mask. Your face is a skull!
It's worse than awful, it's terribad!
With shredder claws!
You eat Matoran for fun?
Cutting through Bionicle piece by piece
Team Applego
Team Googlebloks
Time-Traveling Muaka


I might dust off the ol' sketchbook and make some designs of these.

Get on this guys!!