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Thanks to Var, the episode's up early in the day for once!

THIS EPISODE: We talk about the recent BIONICLE story developments and address the T-Shirt controversy.




this should be good :stuck_out_tongue:

I am ready.
After I finish this episode of Gurren lagann.

Wait, this was a thing? I guess I'll find out in the episode.

Takuma almost made me puke there. Thanks man.

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Var, to clarify, we all got the batman joke, we just brought up star wars because someone mentioned emperor eljay

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Time for the weird fan art wink


I just realized.
TTV forgot to mention Skull Scorpio in their podcast.


You're gonna have to tell me what for, because I can't remember an entire hour's worth of conversation two days later.

Spiders and skull slicer and... Ugh...

I'm not usually a very easily grossed out person, but the thought of tiny spiders skittering inside of a corpse, pushing and pulling at muscles to reanimate it just hit me in the right spot.

So, uh, well done? :mask:


That was glorious. Go me.


Hearing this I wanted to go look back on that Eljay topic everyone misinterpreted. But I can't seem to find it :P.

I agree with Kahi and Meso on the stance of books and story in the first wave.

I linked it in the Vessel description, I believe. Here you go, though.


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It was verry enjoyable, as always, keep up the good "work"...

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I find it interesting that Skull Grinder is name Kulta.

The reason is that 'Kulta' is a Finnish word for 'Gold'. The same word can be used to mean 'Dear' also on the off note.

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@its_me_klc I vote this be TTV canon.

Speaking of t-shirt controversy, where's the one with the TTV symbol??? I was promised a simple nondescript shirt. C'mon guys, you gotta make it easier for me to throw money at you.

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Wow! I was mentioned!

but not in the best ways.....

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When @Kahi mentioned possible conflict for an early Bionicle book I was reminded of the prequel game: "Quest for the Toa".

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