The TTV Podcast 152 Discussion Topic

Episode 152: I Don't Know the Language is now up on Vessel!

This episode, we discuss some recent events, spotlight a community topic, and talk about some recent BIONICLE news as well as general Summer set discussion.



Thanks for the notification! I would have spent another week on hiatus, ya know, TTV is my legal heavy hitter addiction...

It was a fun episode

I was wondering,am i the only one here who doesn't watch the podcast?
Sorry for being off-topic,but i don't think this deserves it's own topic.

You're probably one of very few; I like to think the podcast is the backbone of all our content. :stuck_out_tongue:

People have been making podcast discussion topics for months, I just opted to start making them myself ever since our move to Vessel.



You would be 'a skull bird'... So a vulture?
Anyhow, very entertaining episode guys (and gal)! I must admit, with the pictures you put up, I'm really looking forward to get my hands on the mask maker vs skull grinder set.

That was a great episode!

You guys were great as usual and tried to not Meso-up stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

pls don't kill me!

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The puns! Aaahhhh the puns :laughing:


Thanks for using my pictures of the SDCC mask and poster!

Here's a few more details on the mask: There were 1,750 copies of the mask made. They were all given away on Saturday, July the 11th. In order to obtain the mask, one would touch an iPad, and either Good Cop or Bad Cop (from "The LEGO Movie") would show up. If you got Good Cop, you would get the mask. If you got Bad Cop, then you wouldn't. Every member of SDCC had 1 opportunity to obtain the mask.

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podcast 153 amiright?

but anyways, on the subject of podcast 152, DarkTakanuva, took Takuma's "insult" like a champ

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