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Apologies for the late upload! This week, we talk about the (possible) 2016 name list in great detail, as well as the recent website update and graphic novel title.



I am going right now to listen to it.

Edit: lot’s of interesting discussion in this one. Your fav contest entries, the new website, and the 2016 leaks. I feel like you could’ve mentioned more about the leaks. The actual names, and what they mean.

I’m not mad, but I don’t quite understand what you guys said about my entry. First, there was this:

Var made it pretty clear an origin was fine. So, I make an origin. Something that would explain where everything came from. I get it, writing a story that fills in the gaps but doesn’t expand on what we have isn’t a good thing. And that’s partly what I did, only, I expanded a bit too.

  1. The lore behind the skull villains and why they wear skull masks.

  2. The lore on the protectors masks, why they wear them, and why they’re all the same.

  3. I explained the temple of time.

  4. I explained that a large part of the “culture” was mask making and that there were many apprentices.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but all this seems like expansion. Also, I don’t completely disagree with you guys, I just can’t quite understand your point of veiw. Thanks for any and all consideration :smiley:

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Well I mean, Ven was the only one who used your entry as an example- Just because he felt that way doesn’t mean we all did. Everyone else was speaking generally.

Personally, I was only using the literature entries as my frame of reference.

But regardless, the point Ven was making wasn’t that your entry doesn’t accomplish the goal of world building, but that there were other entries who subjectively accomplished the goal better by expanding on elements that hasn’t been touched upon at all or topics that he simply found more interesting.


when is 154 going to be on iTunes I want to listen to it on my long car trip thursday

…it’s already on iTunes lol

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I’m now excited for the new Graphic Novel, with all of those Tor and such…

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it is? I need it I want it I got it

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze Podcast!

Okay, I go it. Maybe my mind is a little slower at two in the morning…

Regardless, great podcast!

I am amazed that you guys didn’t get the “Great Cataclysm” reference from Gen1. Here is BS01 to enlighten you:

@IllustriousVar @Mesonak

We got it. We understand there was an event in G1 that was called “The Great Cataclysm”.

But it’s not a reference like people are trying to call it.

It’s literally just words. A cataclysm that was great. It isn’t capitalized in the description, it isn’t a title, it’s just a description of what it was.

It was a great cataclysm. That’s what it was. Not a reference at all.

It’s like if you heard the protectors say “we had to abandon the great city”
And you saw that and said “They said the great city!!! IT MUST BE A REFERENCE TO METRU NUI”

Like come on, just because it uses the same words doesn’t make it a reference. You might as well say the great cataclysm is referencing Transformers… or Zelda… or Marvel…

The “great cataclysm” isn’t a unique term or usage of words. It’s just words. Words used to describe an event that happened.

Here’s a better way to look at it. The Great Cataclysm was called “The Great Shadow” in France.

Grande Ombre.

But the description from for French refers to the event in G2 as du grand cataclysm. The great cataclysm.

Two different terms, with no connection to each other. It isn’t a reference, it’s just a linguistic coincidence.


I personally agree that it is not a reference, it’s just words, but I also think if it was just words, they would use words that younger kids would understand. I don’t imagine much of BIONICLE 2015’s target audience knows what a cataclysm is.

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Cataclysm is a level H 1st grade vocab word for reading ages 6-7.


Oh, ok then. :confused:

I’m still agreeing with you though. :smile:

What’s this? Slime is actually caught up with the podcast?!

i can say with absolute certainty that this podcast was fantastic

can’t wait for the graphic novel

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201 PM unreads and a single regular unread.

How’s that going for ya, @Mesonak :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t wait for the world building it’ll bring :smile:





“The Great Calamity”
“Cal”-Short for California
So “The Great California Friendship”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Eljay say in TTV Talks #7 that he went to California to see Alena?

This is going to be a great episode!

Edit: Also, I think it could be a reference as both “Great Cataclysms” happened when Makuta’s “Brother” was knocked unconcious.