The TTV Podcast 156 Discussion Topic

From the ashes of one of the most frustrating days I've had in a while, I present to you TTV Episode 156! My sincerest apologies for the insanely late upload.

This episode, we discuss the 2016 name list that was leaked via Amazon, as well as the first episode of BIONICLE's second season of online animations.



Just started watching it now...

Some random things I thought about in the episode:

  • With the Toa being called Uniters/Unifiers, could they be able to combine with the creatures?
  • Maybe the next series of masks could be the same mold, but with the old colour and fading to transparent?
  • How would they do animal heads? New molds?
  • It'd be nice to have the Uniter masks be just a little different from the originals.
  • A Cecil the Lion joke that may be a little too soon. stuck_out_tongue

@Kahi's idea of the "Mask of Breathing" is actually a good idea. You are able to breath through toxic gases, in space, and you would be immune to choke-holds


I might have been that youtube commenter about Tupac deal.
Might have.


I actually like Lewa with lime; it works better with his chest printing


Yeah, I agree.

Also, have you heard the animations are now weekly?

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Hmm let me see...


...I'm actually not sure, both have their own merits, I guess it probably is just a matter of personal taste...


the lime one just looks so bland IMO


The keet-orange definitely spices things up...


The current Toa sets come with two masks. (a regular and a golden) So if the new Toa sets have new masks, I wouldn't mind having a regular second mask. (Example: If Tahu gets a new mask then he would have a Hau as his second mask.

I think the Skull Grinder destroys the Toa's masks in the books and then later Ekimu makes them new masks. So it would make sense if the new masks looked different.

Also, if they get secondary masks, I hope they have different elemental powers. (Like Plasam, Air, Lightning, Iron, etc...)

Reminds me of Digimon Frontier:

Beast Spirit Evolution

Dear Mata Nui that lime Lewa is horrid. The 2015 colour schemes look much better.

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Yeah, i kind of like both. Though i feel G2 Lewa can either look bulky and strong with the axes like some of his fan-art... or he can look sleek for when he's soaring through the air.

Lime Lewa is the only one I liked.