The TTV Podcast 159 Discussion Topic

[Apologies for the late post, but regardless, here you go.][1]

THIS EPISODE: Everybody yells at Eljay and we talk about some recent BIONICLE animations that have slipped past our radar.



Eljay and Viper still haven’t read the book

what even


Eljay is going to be kidnapped…

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Viper asked why the book will take so long to download from amazon, this is something I can explain. It’s not actualy out in the UK untill November, you’d have to buy it from another shop that got it early. I dont know why they said it is out, but Amazon lied.


I get Eljay’s need for a physical book, but come on, he’s part of the core cast. He should have at least preordered it. Also all the yelling in this episode really annoyed me.

This episode is kinda skipable if you don’t care about Youtube analytics.

Thankyou for informing me about this. : )

It made for some interesting “discussion”…

Can I just say as a resident of Thailand I’m personally offended by the statement that the Thai language is weird?!


I was a bit surprised to see that other channel brought because I think I might have noticed it before I discovered TTV.

Ha. You funny.

I never did get to elaborate though on the podcast. My cousins were once host to a transfer student from Thailand. She got to experience winter snow for the first time even.

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