The TTV Podcast 160 Discussion

[New episode is up!][1]

This week, the intro gets botched, recent BIONICLE news is discussed,
and the general discussion is somewhat…. off (but still hilarious)!

Also, feedback requested: should we keep this intro to the regular style or change it up to be more TTV Talks-esque where we get our names out of the way immediately?



well I like the regular one, the one for TTV talks I feel should be saved for, well TTV talks. Just my opinion

Dang, that was a botched intro.

COMMERCIALS!! Why Vessel Why!!!

Because now we can afford to do more stuff. d=


Ah, toy lightsabers! My oldest memory of them, dropping one in a sewer grate… -_-


You must. You may ask, why? I tell you. Because it’s a tradition.


It’s tradition.
And I like it for some reason.

Who else thought-thinks Solek will been thrown into the pile of Forgotten TTV Memes in a few months, like Omega Tahu and Rotor?


Like every meme dies eventually.

I mean does anybody even still Nyan Cat?

I’m listening to it right now :stuck_out_tongue:

“Ekewu” had me in tears :joy:

Var couldn’t stop laughing either


Kahi really needs to work on his enunciation :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally didn’t mind the Audible adds… for being a plug.
I thought somebody over in TTV headquarters realized their video was too short so they looped the intro thrice to fill up the spare space.

Maybe I don’t have enough faith in you guys.

This was a really interesting episode, I really don’t know what happened. :confused:

No, please no, that was so weird.

I’m still surprised that the title was the “free-key” joke. It makes me sad when the episode’s titular joke comes so soon. I enjoy seeing the crazy title and following the twists of the conversation until… Aha! Someone said it (or something similar)!!! I would have titled it “Takuma the Grammer Nazi”, but to each his own. By the way Takuma’s praise for the printed page, shout out to Star Wars Rebels – I’m so sorry Kahi spoiled I’m not sure what for him – , and use of the word “anomaly” have finally made him my favorite cast member.

Oh, and keep the old intro.


This may sound odd, but when I listened to this, I imagined the 4 of them just sitting in a sandwich shop discussing things. I have no idea why.


you guys should keep the old intro. the informal-ness makes it seem…friendlier? i guess? plus it’s a lot funnier especially when you realize you havent done the intro until a couple minutes in lol


Grievous vs. Skull Grinder.

I feel that Greivous looks much more professionally, than grinder. StarWars sets have Adult quality but are very popular with kids. I think Bionicle needs the same.