The TTV Podcast 163 Discussion Topic

completely forgot to post this earlier, my bad

Episode 163: Cats in the Bags is up over on Vessel! Contained within is our extensive discussion on the reveal of BIONICLE: The Journey to One and some more of our hopes for the show.



What got me was that end discussion about the cats @_@

If this had come just a little bit later the last animation would have been out to be discussed.

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I know, right? ;_;



Vin Diesel as the voice of Onua.

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Other voice actors I might like:
Chris Pratt as Lewa
The animation narrator as Pohatu (LOVE THAT LOW GRUFF AUSTRALIAN ACCENT!)
Idris Elba as Kopaka
Andy Serkis as Tahu
Tara Strong as Gali

That's all I can think of right now.


Anyway, about the Pioneer Park thing with the hobos, this summer when I was visiting my Grandma, I saw 2 drunk 60-year-old bikers eating Oreos out of a trash bag under a tree outside a supermarket on the corner of the street.

Seriously, I'm not kidding.:smile:

Meh. I'd like Cillian Murphy as Kopaka

or Liam Neeson as Lhikan

now here would be my choice for an Inika movie:

James Earl Jones as Nuparu

Miles Teller as Matoro

Scarlett Johannson as Hahli

Nolan North as Kongu (Seriously, can't you hear Deadpool as Kongu?)

Peter Dinklage as Hewkii

Chris Pratt as Jaller

Mark Hamill as Karzahni/ Vezon

Idris Elba as Reidak

Andy Serkis as Hakann

John DiMaggio as Avak

Kevin Conroy as Vezok

Corey Michael Smith as Thok

John Noble as Brutaka

Stephen Amell as Zaktann


Its a good setup

Actually, I think Kevin Conroy would make a great Kopaka.

For 2008:

Kevin Conroy as Kopaka

Eljay as Lewa

Dee Bradley Baker as Pohatu

Meso as Tanma ("MNOG with Meso" Lewa impression)

Gilbert Gottfried as Solek

Tommy Wiseau as Vamprah. #BestRoleEVAHH!

Mark Hamill as Chirox

Viper as Gorast

Jason O'mara as Takanuva

Steve Higgins as Vultraz :stuck_out_tongue: