The TTV Podcast 173 Discussion Topic

Check it out here! Jam-packed show this week, so I hope you all enjoy!



"I’ll add timeframes soon, I’m going to bed, lol"


First thing I heard


I haven't gotten to it yet. But @Leoxandar told me you guys brought up my typo on twitter the other day :P. Really kicking myself over that.

Finished it now. Great episode with the OG crew! Still kicking myself over the failed hashtag though :P.

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Viper is triggered by Var's hate of his fans lol.

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Mesonak had better get his money back from Dr. Drake after the debacle with the sea serpent.

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It always amuses me how annoyed Kahi get's when the other cast members make fun of him messing up words. It only makes it that much more hilarious.