The TTV Podcast 184 Discussion

Both of them.

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Also until MoL I thought it was LE-WUH rathers then LEE-WUH seeing how his name only had one ‘E’ in it

If both the Encyclopedia’s say it, it is canon for G1.

We are now in G2 though, so is it LEE-wuh now.?

For G2 i would say so but until we get another Encyclopedia who knows.

also if you don’t emphasise the ‘a’ in the Lea-wuh pronunciation it sounds pretty close to Lee-wuh.

No, thanks! It ruined Eljay’s argument. I didn’t mean to disparage that :stuck_out_tongue:


I always thought it was lay-wah

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So he just ruined Eljay’s argument. Nice @TKRooster, ya done good. /s

Yay I have been say Lewa right this entire time!

These are the type of arguments I don’t like to participate in. I just sit back and watch the fireworks.


I have been thinking about the pronunciation of Lewa for some time after hearing it being disccussed on the podcast for the first time. I study linguistics, so this is kind of my thing…

In the comment section on Vessel I have written a rather lengthy string of comments about it, with which I will not bother you here, but these are my basic points:

  • the Maori pronunciation would be very different from the English
    pronunciation because they don’t have an /l/.

  • Interpreting < ew > as [u] seems odd in this case, because there don’t seem to be that many words with < ew > followed by a vowel.

  • Interpreting Lewa as a transliteration of the name from the Matoran alphabet into the Latin alphabet, is to me the most appropriate way of viewing the spelling (regardless of which pronunciation is canon or not). This pronunciation would be close to LAY-wa(h)/-wuh (I think [lewa] is the best transcription of the name in the International Phonetic Alphabet, which is different from LAY-wa, which would be something like [ɫeɪ̯wa]). The reason why I prefer this interpretation is that one of the things a linguist would do with a foreign writing system is trying to convert it into the Latin alphabet (like they do with Japanese). If the sound value of a letter of the matoran alphabet is similar to that of a letter of the Latin alphabet (as pronounced by the Romans), then that is the letter to choose.

(I did not explain all this in the same way I did on vessel, because I have made some changes to my points when necessary)

I hope this adds to the discussion :smile:.


Tl;Dr: I’m good at word things and it’s laywa coz I’m smart.

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This needed to be done. Whipped it together during the plugs.

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#GOOGLE HAS FAILED!!! :dizzy_face:

Go to Google translate, type in ENGLISH for both languages and click on the “listen” button for either language. It COMPLETELY disagrees with @Eljay and Greg Farshtey.
Google pronounces it as “Luwah”!!!


(I pronounce it how Eljay pronounces it.)

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I, being Hungarian, pronounce Lewa’s name like @exxtrooper : Leh-wah.