The TTV Podcast 187 Discussion

Arriving a little earlier than usual, TTV Episode 187 is now live on Vessel! Check it out!



Wow this is earlier than usual, Hooray! :grinning:

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Wow....I never thought that I would feel depressed after watching a Podcast episode. I feel so hopeless now, like BIONICLE is already over. :no_mouth:

Honestly, though, there was actually some really great discussion in this episode. It really helped put things in perspective.


you joke, but this is frankly kinda depressing (I'm no done with the episode yet)

though there is a flicker of hope, maybe just maybe, it will continue, I really hope it does


Well Great episode Guy's, I liked how I could tell Prpl was there.

Huh well I am feeling depressed. If Bionicle dies again then my years as a Lego fan are probably going to die with it. /s

There actually is still a small nano bite sized amount of hope left... I think.

Also I heard Bionicle is selling well in Russia. But that may be false. Knowing my luck, it is probably false.


RIP G2... back to collecting old sets, writing fan-fiction, and imagining what could have been...


Halfway through and I have to agree, this is a pretty disheartening discussion. Definitely having that "the dark at the end of the tunnel" mindset, and to think we are talking about that when we're barely halfway through the new run. I also thought it was a really intriguing point brought up about the overall togetherness of the community united before, but that not being so strong after this, it's scary. Perhaps years from now that will be a topic for Bionicle Autopsy or something.


well, we have to remember, it's not over yet, we can still support the show, buy the sets, do whatever we can to support the line, as well as we've still got the summer wave, and maybe one or two waves in 2017

united we stand, divided we fall you could say, we start looking at things like there is no hope, then there really is non

(blue lantern oath would be appropriate here)


My father always told me to never calm anything bad. Cause there is always a chance something could change before the end.

So until Lego comes out and says Bionicle will be dead for ever. I will always have at least some hope.

Here you go.


Well if G2 does end next year its going to suck, but you know like the saying goes all good things must come to an end. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

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Wow, the response here seems really depressing. Should I watch the podcast or not?

Of course I will :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if Bionicle ends, I'm staying on these boards.


The future is dark. If when Bionicle ends at least I'll still have the Podcast and the Boards. If when Those end, I'll still have my friends. Long live Bionicle, Long live The Three Virtues.


So I did the trending thing plus some. Interesting...

Guess you could say 2011 changed everything.

Also, for you that have trouble sleeping, have you considered melatonin?


Thats depressing to look at, what the heck happened in 2011 to make MLP of all things that popular on google?


That Kahi bash-a-thon though :laughing:

Skyrim Mods. That's how I was first introduced to the show's existence.

shoutout to it at least going up as of 2015 at least

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Hey it went up a little back in 2015... Interesting.

I wonder how it is doing this year?