The TTV Podcast Chat!

Hey guys, I had this little idea today. What if we set up a chat room to interact with the fans for about a day? And then I thought, eh why not.

Introducing the TTV Podcast chat group!

Remember to change your name to your username once you sign on!
Active only for today!

Now you can truly live the TTV dream: Talking To Ven (and the others I guess)
In order to actually chat, you must be made a member by me or other administrators.

Have fun and stick to the rules and guidelines.

P.S. To fellow podcast members. mwahah


that sounds nice!

fix your link you madman



What The Amazin' Meso says

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If the link doesn't work, try typing it in your address bar.

Done and done, just a white page.

RIP in Peace hopes and dreams



Is this like
the early 2000s again?


yup yup

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Kay we found out it has to be "TTVPodcast" not just "ttvpodcast" so that should fix matters.



Too difficult for me to figure out at the moment.

I have much math to do.

Too bad for me.

Darn, I have IRL plans for today. So there's no chance you'll be doing this again in the future?


yup, same

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The answer is... Yeah, why not.


A bit non descript. Yeah, why not make it exclusive...or yeah, why not do it again? stuck_out_tongue

why is it when i'm helping a very irrritable friend that this kind of thing happens?

You're using xat?

Xat chat rooms tend to die off really quickly, but I suppose it could be useful for what it's worth.

Now I'm sad I missed this/

Will you ever be doing it again?

We'll probably do this again at some point. =P Depends on how everybody feels.

Thanks to everyone who hopped on! It's been great chatting with you guys and bringing you all together. I didn't expect such great results, lol.

See you all next time!

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