The TTV Podcast Episode 175 Discussion

Episode 175: Kahi’s Stob Story is now up on Vessel! This episode, we discuss our epic adventures attempting to get the 2016 BIONICLE sets, and address our recent updates to our Leak Policy.



Poor Varderan, i’m fairly certain 2016 bionicle hasn’t come out for NZ

Well look at it this way when ever y’all do get the sets you won’t have to worry about driving around and not finding the sets until the summer wave comes out.

Just watching the new episode right now, but I must say…it seems like one of the funniest podcast episodes I’ve listened to in awhile xD Also, prpldragon, you’re the best! You weren’t even in the episode, and yet you got one of the funniest moments anyway :smile:


I’ll be sure to message Var if I go down to my Walmart and it has some of the 2016 sets, lol! I have to go spend a gamestop gift card I got for Christmas and there is a Walmart right next to the gamestop. Naturally I am going to check for 2016 sets.


Just hope that var doesn’t kick you from the boards! :laughing:

Anyone know when Takuma’s birthday was?

Last year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless it was yesterday…

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