The TTVMB Chronicles

The TTVMB Chronicles is an amazing game series by Shaymin36, chronicling the END OF TTV.

You can play all 4 games so far here.

In chronological order they are:

Chapter One: Nyran

Shoot the Slime!
The year is 2017. The boards are becoming popular. Too popular. Rival forum BZP is gathering resources to wipe TTV off the face of the internet. Political Slime, aware of this issue, attempts to gather the 3 Nyrans to combine them into an all-powerful being, but Eljay knows that this "all-powerful being" is uncontrollable and will destroy both BZP and TTV. Eljay attempts to take out Slime, but fails when Meso intervenes and takes him out.

Why is Meso turning against TTV and "helping" Slime? Find out in Chapter 3.

The Coming of Yeeran: Part One
After Eljay attempts to kill Slime, Slime runs off, to find the mythical "Temple of Nyran" where he can use the Nyran Trio in hopes of awakening this all-powerful being. As soon as he gets there, he wanders into the cave and meets up with Nyran. Nyran agrees to help him and the two split up to find @yran and Ngram.

Nyran: The Game
Shortly after Slurm and Nyran split up, Nyran finds @yran. Nyran attempts to talk to @yran, but to no avail! @yran attacks Nyran and the two battle it out.

Nyran 2: Revenge of @yran!
After their battle, @yran gets split into two forms: The original one joins Nyran, where as the clone attempts to destroy him. You must once again battle @yran and destroy his evil clone.

Nyran 3: Attack of Ngram
Upon the defeat of @yran 2, Ngram gets re-awoken and attacks the four Nyrans! The four of them begrudgingly team up and stop Ngram, and get him to join their side. The five head back to the temple of Nyran and meet up with Slime to begin the formation process...

The Coming of Yeeran: Part Two
More info coming soon.

CHC vs. Yeeran
More info coming soon. (Release date: 9/1/15)

Chapter 2: Chaos

More info coming soon. (Start date: 10/1/15)

Chapter 3: TTV

More info coming soon.


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