The Two Virtues And Suchlike Jazz

...Yeah? CZ's making a thread, you gotta problem, square?! Just because I never come on ain't got jack to stop me!

Er, before that. Now, this is a really random and likely uncalled for thing, but yeah, I said to a few people I'd do it and here it is. See, I'm 21 today, and while I don't actually the whole birfmas stuff, 21.

I.e USA drinking age. So once upon a time yesterday, I was gonna get drunk or something and come on to post a really fiery-souled rant about the (two) virtues of youth and manliness and suchlike rockin' things, and generally just pull a kind of stunt. As evident by my extreme pro typing skillz, I'm not drunk. Evidently CZ is semi boozeproof. Still gonna make the rant. Sorta.

Before I forget, @Jakura_Nuva . He's a guy.

Yeah, that guy.

Now, you say, 'CZ, what are you talking about, youth and manliness? We're all pretty young here, and isn't 'manliness' that stupid macho thing?'

Hell no.

Youth, youse skrubs, is a virtue we only get one chance at. It's the time we learn, we grow, we have hella fun and take life as it comes. Our choices in youth can define our entire life in the future. And yet all too often is it lived as a time of crowd-following, self-entited drudgery, slaving to what this planet wants us to do and be. Blatant disrespect for youth, in the end denying the very moments that make us human, make us who we will be. Do you legit wanna live some kind of peaceful, boring life, just going along with the spinning world?! Or don't you want to rebel, fight, punch the world in the face no matter how bad it hurts your hand?

And that's where manliness comes into play.

You need guts to fight.

You need guts to live, guts to work, guts to stand up for what you know is the right way to live. That sound too preachy or motivational? Good. GET SOME GUTS AND DEAL WITH IT.

Manliness ain't some 'macho' crap or whatnot. Manliness is something anyone can attain, regardless of gender or age. It's living for others, living for the good things in life, and being ready to fight for those things with your life. It's about guts. Soul. Toughness.

And if you ain't got that, then you ain't got much, dig?

So get some guts, and enjoy yer youth, people.

goodness gracious that was long. Anyways yeah, take it as you will, it's a thing. To be (slightly) more serious, I'd like to just say a sorta universal thank-ya to the peeps on here I know, just for being cool. CZ out, yo.

pls don't kil meh ttv

it's a joke title see


Yeah um I don't know what I just read frowning



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I would go on a rant about shouting at deaf ears, but that would be too political for these boards.

So uh, Happy 21st!


So this is what it's like to be drunk. Huh.

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If this is what it's like to be drunk, then it's a good thing the unskippable bud light ads on YouTube made me hate alcohol with a burning passion


Love ya CeeZed

ya make me laugh

also that was like a legit good speech

I feel like CZ would be a great drill Sargent because of this


This has not got to be a joke


I've had my fair share being drunk. I've had my fair share of long long rants. I get the jist of what you're saying here. And I totaly agree. I'm gonna wait and watch the reaction to this, and see if it gets taken down, if it does I'll lose some serious faith in humanity. but if it makes it, I might very well post my own rant.

Yes. disappointed_relieved

No. disappointed_relieved

I... I feel terrible about myself. cry


But Guts is still on his boat


Point taken..?

On Kool-Aid?

[finishes reading topic]
I guess not...

I thought this topic is about the Autobot.

How should I responded to this?

Finishes topic. I feel horrible now. Also thanks for making me hate alcohol even more.