The Ultimate Lord Of Skull Spiders By Keith Myers

Reborn After his defeat at the hands of the toa the Lord of skull spiders realized if he is to face down the toa he must upgrade himself properly and with a little bit of work he did he proceeded to face the toa at the bridge after their victory against Kulta and ambushed them in this demension the toa never needed their masks to face down the Lord and they were quickly subdued by his Flaming Lightning Staff and much faster reflexes


I can sort of get around his build, there's some stuff that works, but the not at all. He needs a coherent color scheme.

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if i had the parts i would

The build is pretty nice, the colors definitely need some work. Nice mask shrine you got there.

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thanks i had to spray paint it

It's far too humanoid for my taste. I'm not really getting the spider vibe from it, and it differs greatly from the original.

Nice ideas and decent build, but as a revamp, I'm honestly going to have to pass.

it sort of looks good, but maybe as a little reminder try your best to keep the colour scheme to the set as possible.

Wow, amazing! now I want to make mask stand like that!
Just kidding, the MOC is fine to, but the color scheme is.... odd. I feel like you're trying to emulate the various colors of the skull spider horde, but it could be done better.

quit being sarcastic this is basically why i dont try and do mocs due to bs like this

To be fair, I really was impressed and surprised with that stand design. I, for one, never would have thought of it. Also, with anything you do, your going to have to deal with cinics and sarcasm, and it's worth getting through it, because, sooner or later, you're going to find some one who seriously likes it, or will at leased give some solid constructive criticism. All I'm saying is, it's worth it.

i built it based on the 14k mask stands just with the ability to spin and a few other brief things