The Untold Adventure ep.3 s.1

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Season 1/ Episode 3 "A New Fighter Awaits! Awaken the inner Scorpio"


Onuak: This is ridiculous, I am not going to fight you for some thing childish.

Varda: Go kick his undying butt Onuak!

Skulltraz: You know I always wondered, why must you wear Onavark's mask even though he back stabbed all of us.

Onuak: You're right, I don't know why I still associate my self with that traitor.

Onuak: Now let's fight!

Varda: Wow! Onuak you were taken down in one blow!

Skulltraz: Now we can hear the elder's story.

Onuak: How pitiful.

Great Elder: Where was I? Oh yes, I remember now...

The trials had just started to test each warrior's ability. In this case Draco was first.

Draco: I don't know exactly what you tiny things are but you're not really intimidating!

Scorpio: Squish them like tiny insects

Fact: Spiders are not insects or bugs

Draco: Yeah!

Announcer: The mysterious meteor lizard beat the Skull spiders! Let's see how he deals with the Lava Beast!

Draco: You're going down lava chicken!

Lava Beast(not chicken): Rooaarrr!

Draco: Victory is mine!

Announcer: A brutal but Awesome match! Let's observe the many other trials!

Too many trials later...

Announcer: Looks like it's time for the colony's monarch Scorpio vs. a Thok clone

Scorpio: This isn't what I signed up for!

Draco: What's the worst that could happen?!

Scorpio: I don't know maybe the fact that he's 7 times my height! Here goes something...

Scorpio: Come at me creep!

Scorpio: He's squishing me like a bug! Ouch!

Scorpio: Help me! Please!

Guard: You must not interrupt the battle.

Draco: Is that part of the trial or is it torture?

Scorpio: I've had...

Scorpio: ENOUGH!!! Now you've done it!


To Be Continued...

Hoped You Enjoyed!


That is cool, I really like the builds

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What the hell just happened?

Evolution as a result of a “near death” expirence

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