The Untold Adventure ep.6 s.1

Episode 6 season 1

The second comming

Year: 1013XVI (17 years before present)

The aftermath of Scorpio and Detrius' collision led to both being severly injured, but Scorpio had enough strength to be victorious. Scorpio would later be up in the quarter finals but he has yet much to learn. In the meantime Draco must train if he too wishes to be in the quarter finals...

Scorpio was receiving treatment for his injuries but It had little effect. Although he only suffered minor leg and back damage, he couldn't bear the pain, "Oh the pain! I can't take it much longer!"

"Stop being so dramatic and get ready for a little pinch...", the doctor pulls out a needle and aims at Scorpio's arm

Scorpio panics but he was tied onto bed, "PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!! NO! NO! I HATE NEEDLES!!!"

"There is no need to panic, I'd just gave you the shot while you were whining", the doctor looks confused.

Scorpio shakes in pain, "Why do I still feel pain?!"

The doctor looks at the many medications to find out why it didn't work, "hmmm, I can't find out why none of the pain killers are working..."

Dribabot enters the room, "Step aside doc, I've got this". He raises his arms up causing light to emit out of his hands, "stand clear!", then he places them on Scorpio.

Scorpio turned back into his basic form but is healed, "what just happened?"

The doctor looks surprised, "how... did you... do that?"

"Let's just say there's a reason why they call me the Metallic Angel", Dribabot leaves the room

"Well thanks for your effort doctor", Scorpio also leaves the room and finds Draco and Tribabot waiting.

Draco looks at Scorpio, "how are you healed that fast?"

Scorpio faces Dribabot, "you can thank Dribabot".

Dribabot jumps up and down to get all of their attention, " I hope all of you reallize we have the chance to train while other matches go on"

"Good idea, little buddy", Draco thinks for a minute, "Wait, if there are more Tribabots, then I'll call you little buddy"

Tribabot jumps in joy, "I like it, but Vertically Challenged buddy would have also been accepted"

Draco seems excited, "so where should we train?!"

Dribabot thinks, "Why don't we train with Gavea? She's probably training as well..."

"Sounds like a plan, but where is she?", Draco scratches his head.

Tribabot progresses information, "Gavea must be at Century's West grounds"

Scorpio stares at Tribabot, "And why do you know that?"

Tribabot looks back at Scorpio, "I watch many villagers train there and I process those techniques for other Tribabots, that's pretty much the reason why I was produced"

The crew walked out of the building and then through Century's Village Markets and took the route to the West Grounds for a half hour. After passing by a few signs they saw what was the crash site of a meteorite. To Scorpio and Draco, the site was familiar to them.

Scorpio looks around, "Hey, this where my home is! Also where we met"

Draco was alert, "I think I hear someone, over there!"

"Everyone keep your guard up". Scorpio evolves into his secondary form, "I'll go forwards and check it out"

"Is that the best you can?!", the voice sounds to be from a male.

Two voices can be heard as the crew hide behind a boulder. Scorpio tries to spy on the action.

"I've just gotten started!", the other voice came from a female.

"Wait a minute, I see something over there"

Scorpio panics but charges an energy sphere.

The two figures get closer to Scorpio.

"Stand back!", Scorpio throws the sphere at the two.

Both dodge the attack and continue get closer.

"Who are you?", one of the two gets close enough that she sees Scorpio, "Have we met before?"

"What a relief, it's just you", Scorpio breaths out in peace.

"I'm sorry, who are you again?"

"The name's Scorpio, I was the one who won the first round not too long ago", he smiles awkwardly.

"Oh ok, congrats on winning the first round, and my name is Gavea", she puts her hand out to shake with Scorpio.

Scorpio shakes her hand, "nice to meet you". He looks at the boulder where the rest are hiding, "Hey guys! It's safe you can come out!"

Draco looks at Gavea, "Hi there!"

"Hello again Gavea", Tribabot seems glad.

Scorpio turns and looks at Gavea, "So I've been wondering if you mind if we could join your training?"

"Sure!" Gavea looks around for her friend, "I suppose we can start with the basics..."

"No", the other figure appears. He looks at Draco, "I'll test this one's strength first..."

Draco looks scared, "you're saying... you want... to fight me..."

The figure draws his sword, "Everyone else clear out!"

"This could be interesting", Gavea sits down and watches.

"Go easy on me, please...", Draco shakes in distress.

"Don't worry, I only want to see your full potential. Allow me to introduce my self although we've seen each other before, my name is Jallak..."

To be continued...

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