The Untold Adventure ep.7 s.1

Episode 7 season 1

Show me your full power!

Scorpio was treated with many pain-killers to ease the pain, but it was the powers from Dribabot that completely healed the injuries. Then the four made their way out to look for people to train with, in which they met up with Gavea and Jallak…

Year: 1013XVI (17 years from present)

Jallak pulls his sword from behind and starts swinging it towards Draco, “here’s the first lesson. If you can the sword away from me you pass. But if you don’t, you’ll die…”

Draco starts to panic, “What?! You’re going to kill me?!” He attempts to run away but Jallak is always a step forward.

“Don’t be a coward! All you have to do is simply take my sword!”, Jallak gets closer to Draco still swinging.

Right as Jallak swung too close to, Draco breathes out an energy blast at Jallak. Jallak falls on his back and let go of sword. Draco grabs the sword and points it at Jallak.

“See, wasn’t that easy? All it took, was the adrenaline in your system. But now it’s round two…”

Draco feels a slight burst of confidence in his body, “let’s do it!”

Jallak tales his sword back, “for round two, you have land a punch to my face. But there’s a catch, I’ll go at my full power…” Jallak grins.

Draco gets into a fighting pose, “That’s not too hard, is it?”

Gavea giggles, “you’ll see…”

Jallak stands still and waits to strike, “Go ahead, you can hit first, just remember about losing”

Draco walks closer to Jallak, “sure thing” He throws a punch at Jallak.

Jallak dodges it and punches Draco in the stomach, “it’s not easy isn’t it. Prepare to be murdered…”

Draco rolls into ball in pain. He gets up after a minute of resting, “No!”, he starts throwing many punches at Jallak but is missing.

Jallak dodges the punches and swings his sword, “That’s more like it!”

Both dodging each other’s attacks but Jallak will more likely last longer. Then Jallak uses more power and begins to land a few swings, while Draco still misses. As Jallak swings from above, Draco attempts to block overhead. While Draco protects his head, his flesh is brutally sliced.

AAHHH!!!”, Draco holds his arm in extensive agony, his arm covered in blood . He sits in pain, and Jallak slowly walking towards him while still wielding the bloody blade.

Jallak stops in front of Draco, “It was nice knowing you…”, he raises his sword ready to slash again.

“Wait!”, Scorpio interrupts to stop Jallak.

“Stay out of this!”, Jallak shoves Scorpio out, “this is his fight…”, Jallak prepares to strike.

Draco closes his eyes for a minute to think.

“As you wish…”, Jallak swings.

“Not today!”, Draco trips Jallak as he swings, causing Jallak to lose balence and drop his sword once more. With Jallak on the ground, Draco takes advantage and throws punch to the face.

“You did it…”, Jallak takes the punch and his mask flies off.

Draco looks at his arm again and began to scream in pain, “YOU CUT MY ARM, YOU IDOIT!!!

Dribabot rises, “I’ll heal your wound”, he places his hands on the wound.

“What is this supposed to do?”, Gavea seems confused.

“Magic is what!”, Dribabot finished charging and raises his hands causing a flash of light. “Clear!”, he places them again on the cut.

The wound was completely healed and the pain disappeared, “Thanks”

Jallak gets up with no injuries, “You did well, but you’ll need to get ready for the final round. That’s for another day as I’m exhausted. Gavea, they’re all yours tomorrow…”

“Sure thing, you need your rest”, Gavea smiles.

Scorpio’s stomach growls, “all these entertaining fights are making me hungary…”

Draco looks at Scorpio, “I could eat too”

Jallak puts his sword back, “don’t worry, it’s on me. I’d say we go to the market for now…”

To Be Continued…

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