The Untold Tale ep.2 s.1

Series 2/ Episode 2 “Enter the Village! The quest for Fame and Fortune”

As the Great Elder introduces his pupils to the markets, they wish to continue the story…

Great Elder: Well here we are, the Century Village Market!

Varda: Um… Great Ancestor, why is it called the Century Village?

Great Elder: Because Varda, it was built many centuries ago.

Onak: I heard that that these markets are filled with goons and gang members, so why is it so peaceful now?

Great Elder: These streets have been protected by heroes until the village wasn’t so corrupted.


Varda: Great Ancestor, could you tell us more of Draco’s adventure?!

Great Elder: I suppose why not…

Draco: Here we are Scorpio the markets.

Scorpio: It’s a lot different from what I’ve seen before.

Dribabot: p…ple…please help us!

Scorpio: We’re sorry we don’t have anything to give you two.

Tribabot A-13b: Can we at least join you two? Please!

Draco: Um… um…

Dribabot and Tribabot: PLEASE!!!

Draco: Fine you can join the group.

Tribabot: Yeah!

Dribabot: Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

Scorpio: You never asked me for an agreement though… Forget it, lets just look at other market stores…

???: Excuse me but do you have any food or spare change?

Draco: I’m sorry we don’t have anything but you are more than welcomed to join us.

???: No way we can’t take any risks. Sorry for bothering, wish you luck.

Scorpio: And to you as well.

Draco: Two loafs and the cow thingy.

Vendor: 50 g.

Draco: Then just the loafs.

Vendor: 10 g.

Draco: You see we don’t have any gold…

Vendor: Are you trying to mock me?!

Draco: NO, no! We need food.

???: Relax, it’s on me. Keep the change…

Vendor: Very well. Gavea…

Scorpio: Thanks stranger but why did you do such a generous deed

Gavea: No problem, I just wanted to support those who need help. Also I feel like I’m too overrated from winning all those tournaments.

Draco: There are TOURNAMENTS??!!

Gavea: Why don’t the four of you watch the next battle.

Later that day

Announcer: Good luck fighters!

Gavea: Remember what we learned from master, take him down!

Blazepunk: You are going down little matoran!

???: I’m not any matoran so watch your mouth…

Blazepunk: Take this!

Blazepunk: oh no…

Draco: Amazing! He didn’t even move!

Announcer: And remember folks to register to take on the quest for fame and fortune!

Checklist Holder: How may I help you?

Draco: SIGN US UP!!!

To Be Continued…

Episode 3 coming soon

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Hoped you enjoyed! (feedback is appreciated)


The story is fine, but the use of one location as a stand-in for several makes it disorienting. It’s hard to imagine these characters being in different locations (or times, with the beginning) when the same drawer is often in view and the floor is always fuzzy.

Is there any editing software you can suggest for the background because I would have to agree that the background is quite boring (thanks for the feedback)

I have no idea what editing software you could use for backgrounds, since I don’t have any experience with them. Photoshop, maybe?

Other options would be to go to a park/forest/etc. to take pictures with your MOCs, or (if you did have editing software/managed to get your hands on some) take the environment pictures and edit the characters in - but making it look convincing would definitely be a feat, with things such as lighting and the angle of the camera.

If you live in a city, live far from nature, can’t go anywhere, or all of the previous ones, maybe try being more creative with what you have. Use different rooms of the house/apartment (if you live with others and it bothers them, wait till they’ve left the house or aren’t in the room). Take pictures at different times of the day for different lighting effects. Experiment with the lights of the room. If you have more Lego, make more landscapes/decorations - or just use anything you can find that makes the world resemble what you need.

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Thanks for the help but it will take some time for me to research and eventually be able to edit

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Is the third episode online?

I have been slacking on that but it will be very soon
Shame on me :relaxed:

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