The Vapid Electro

Now, fitting one of my recent mocs on this bike doesnt seem to work since the bike isnt "made for them" so that just means making a driver is my next project.

Anyway this bike is based off a Buell xb12s with a lower profile and some bits of a Chopper motorcycle.

Thank you for viewing and I hope you have a wonderful day.


A very nice looking motorcycle. Some of the red bits stand out a little, but the purple and keetorange look incredible with one another.

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"offering nothing that is stimulating or challenging."

I'd say this is the opposite of vapid.

Amazing you can make something like this. Everything looks so solid. I'm in love. Oh, and good use of those HF core pieces, I didn't think they had a use anymore :smile:

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Nice Bike, I'm a fan. I think this bike needs a rider to have maximum coolness.

That is sliick

Better than any of my MOCs! Great Job on the handles and what look like brake triggers.

P.S. I love you.

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wove you too BB :yum:

:wink: Keep up the great work boo.

As a fan of technic motorcycles, this is amazing.