The venomous Lerahk

I really just wanted to draw a Rahkshi, wasn’t even going to be Lerahk till I drew the weapons.

And yea this has a few creative liberties taken with it but deal with it.


They kinda look like sais. I like the way you drew the shell, curved and segmented like a Nautilus

I think I’m gonna make this my profile picture. To put it simply, this is awesome. I’m floored. You have done an excellent job with the best breed of rahkshi.

It’s an interesting take on the set. Nice job

I love the segmented, mechanical look. Good job!

I like the style presented here. The face especially looks great.

…It’s probably be polite to ask permission first.

Naah. Artists are typically cool with that.
(Most are usually happy.)

this is a really cool style, good job

pose is kinda strange but the overall style is super cool

is he mad because he weapon broke, did he break his weapon or what I dont understand it, the drawing looks good tho

This is amazing! I love the details!

Really like the stylisation of it. Awesome drawing.