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Just watch this thing and tell me what you think.
Personally, I like the idea, but it sucks that you have to be in the right environment to even play games this way.
It also sucks that it would cost A LOT.

To me this seems like a bad idea, just because of all the potential death/injury it could cause. Have a hero with a sword? How about hitting someone who gets in the way because the game either doesn't register them or makes them appear as an enemy. Have a character that can fly? How about when you see a ledge and jump off it when immersed in the game?

In addition, if you are actually walking around an area with the headset on, then you're not as much playing a game as you are actually doing things. Most people play games either to relax or have fun while sitting somewhere and just unleash on enemies in a game, as such not sure how restrained people would be when fighting video game enemies in a real life scenario.

Their is also no actual enemies or enemy interaction, which takes all the danger away from the game. In normal games, when your character dies or is injured you can associate yourself with that character as you play them. Yet when you are the character and some random monster can do nothing to you, chances are you'd just stand their while the thing pitifully paws at you with its claws...

In principle I can understand the desire to experience it, but in actuality I can't see anyone having too much fun given they'd be worrying about what around them is real and what is not, which would prevent them interacting with the environment most the time.

As such the only part of this which excited me was the custom motion simulators, but that seems like its flawed in that the motion would likely make many people sick after a very short space of time. Jet fighter games especially are not designed to have real world applications.


Seems cool. but Scar is right.

I would disagree. They have special environments made for each dimension. The world the person sees through the virtual headset is accustomed to the special environment (for example, if you see a wall in the game there actually is a wall in the real world environment). I also don't think that there would be any dangerous ledges or characters with the ability to fly on their own since often times you'll be given a character to play rather than create one yourself.

Also you shouldn't think about it as an everyday experience, more like an attraction (once in a year thing). It's fun for a few times in a year or even a month, but not as an everyday experience.

That thing maybe true about interaction with the enemies, but still your brain registers the virtual enemy as a real one, thus you would be scared or have a very bad feeling about encountering one.

For your another point I will repeat this again. Each environment has it's own designed special room which corresponds to what you see in the headset.

Motion sickness happens only when you are sitting on a chair which has no motion, but you feel like moving around the whole place because that's what your character is doing in game. It won't be happening (for most people at least) because they will experience motion while moving around the environment. Also jet fighter games are accompanied with chairs which can turn around 360 degrees, and in many other different angles.
I read that all on their website.

Just pointing out as shown in the video this isn't exactly true. The monsters obviously are not there so attempting to swing/stab at them could easily result in you pulling a muscle given you expect it to hit something when it doesn't.

They also showed at 0:52 that sometimes while certain objects are there, elements of those objects are not. You see the cylinder, but the base of the cylinder is all computer generated. I question how they do the rooftop if its supposed to be based on the environment around them...

As I said, its an experience. Its just not particularly one that seems enjoyable given you'd have to restrain yourself and you'd be limited to incredibly basic things that require you to be physically active. Your progress and outcome in the game being determined by how you are in real life and how much you can believe the things around you are happening while also being aware its a game.

(Image showing an example;


I accept my defeat...
Resistance is futile against the mighty Scarilian.
He will take the fun out of you. (/s)

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i need this is what i wanted my whole life how long until releas

Have you ever played a wii? :stuck_out_tongue: There's lots of games where you swing at things that aren't really there, and I've never pulled a muscle from it.

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True, I guess. Though you don't tend to swing or move as much...

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i need this so badly its amazing and i wanted this my whole life

At this point I'm convinced that VR is stupid and a waste of money.