The Walking Constraction

Well hello there! Oonie here with a fanfic! This story is actually one I thought of quite recently, and wasn’t actually meant to become a thing. I wrote up a majority of what I’ll be posting in my free time, so this may rake up some questionable text. This fanfic is a parody of, if you haven’t guessed it already, The Walking Dead, and is a re-telling of the main story, but starring a colorful cast called TTV, as well as some familiar faces from the Bionicle universe/community. On a side note, this fanfic is by no means a reflection of my opinions on matters like ‘shipping’ and personality typing. It’s just for fun, and was made all in good spirits in hopes of getting a few good laughs, not seriously. So without further ado, I present to you:

The Walking Constraction

by Oonie

Episode 1: Days Gone By
Part 1
Date: Unknown
There’s an abandoned gas station, surrounded by vehicles in no better shape. Lego bricks and technic gears lay scattered about carelessly. One man is walking within. He wears a green sheriff’s uniform, a badge in the shape of the Three Virtues, and a Golden Miru. He seeks gasoline, but is immediately turned down as he notices a sign reading: No More. He sighs, and then shifts as he hears a crack nearby. He looks around, then spots what seems to be a girl a couple of cars away. He walks over to get a better look, and gets close enough to say “Little girl…”
The girl turns around, but is revealed to not be a little girl, but instead a horribly disfigured girl with joints and parts similar to that of a Throwbot/Slizer. Taken back, the man struggles for his holstered pistol with the word “Mangosteen” labeled on it. The ‘girl’ approaches, and the man quickly raises his gun and downs ‘her’ with a blast to the disfigured helmet that was the head.
The man gives a sigh of relief, and lowers his gun, and all he could do was stare at the downed figure with mixed emotions…

Date: 2010
A lone police car sits on the side of a road. Inside are two cops, one in green, the other in gold and black. They were having a nice meal from McDonald’s.
“This stuff never changes, does it?” says the cop in the gold-black uniform.
“Nope, but you know what does,” the green cop responds, shifting to pull out a figure about the size of his hand, “Those Happy Meal toys. Don’t you wish they still made cheap and simple Bionicle sets like Kongu here?”
The Kongu figure appeared to be drooling, but it was just the lighting.
“Speaking of which, can you believe they are cutting straight to the Mata Nui-Makuta confrontation this year?” asked the gold/black cop.
“No Meso, not at all. I don’t know what they’re thinking, jumping right to something like that,” replied the green cop, “sure it had it’s ups and downs, but they can’t just jump to an event like this that could end it right here and now. What gives?”
Both laugh at the thought of Bionicle ending so soon.
“I agree Eljay, indeed,” begins Mesonak, “So how’s life n’ such?”
“Alright…” Eljay pauses, “Alena and I got into another argument.”
“Over what?”
“Mangosteen, and the force, again, and this time it got ugly. She went off on me, saying I needed to be there more for the family, and not the force,” Eljay sighs, “…She even yelled at me right in front of Eljay Jr.”
“Ah, I see.”
“Now I understand why she’d be upset with the force and all, heck, I know this whole mangosteen business is getting out of hand too. But I would never argue in front of my son.”
Eljay shifts in his seat, Meso stares out in the distance, pondering his own thoughts. Suddenly the radio pops on, calling for all cops on hand.
“Attention! All units nearby to West Spherus Highway! Rrepeat, all nearby units report immediately!”
Meso and Eljay exchange looks, then their current position (as in their state of eating the McD’s).
“We’re close,” exclaims Meso, “Take North Continent!”
Eljay stomps the gas, and the car speeds off, Meso trashing the waste from the meal as they went.

A group of police are set up in a blockade on the highway. Eljay and Meso head the group as broken lime-green pieces are rolled out across the road a few yards away. The radio continues to fill in the cops, reporting of escaped hijackers being pursued right for the assembly.
“So what exactly did there guys jack?” one of the cops asks.
“Said it was about $10,000 worth of toys, mainly Lego.” says another
“Hot dang…those imbeciles!”
Eljay speas up “Hey, stay focused. Make sure you’ve got a clear mind, and a round in the chamber.”
Both cops proceeded to check their guns. Eljay checks his own mangosteen pistol. Meso cocks his BZP shotgun, then says “Would be sort of cool if we had that kind of cash-money”
“…Yeah, I guess,” responds Eljay.
Sirens grow in the distance, and soon, the pursuit is in sight. Moments later, the criminal’s car is flipped and all is silent.
Two criminals appear, armed with weird hybrids of guns and sports equipment. The two are gunned down swiftly after refusing to follow Eljay’s stern “Put the gun down!”
All is quiet again, Meso gives the thumbs up as Eljay turns for a moment. He only realizes too late that another criminal was climbing out of the car, armed with a weird soccer ball launcher made from technic joints.
Meso calls out “Elja-” Blam! It’s too late, as a soccer ball hits Eljay clean in the Miru, and a constraction ball-bullet his chest. Meso quickly finishes the third criminal and rushes to his fallen comrade, as are other cops.
“Eljay…Eljay! He’s hit!” Meso holds him as Eljay begins to black out, “Come man, stay with me. You’ll be ok…just hold on…”
With that Eljay fades out completely.

Part 2

to be continued…


This sounds interesting. I’m going to read this later and tell you my thoughts on this then.

Pretty cool! I spot a few typos, but nothing major, just some things you may want to look back over. The story itself seems quite interesting. I’ll keep tabs on this :smiley: