THE Warrior

Name: THE Warrior
Weapon: spear

Powers: none
Special abilities: extreme endurance and stamina

MOC height: slightly shorter than the K-2SO set
MOC inspiration: This guy is a Bioniclized version of my high school mascot. IDK how the idea came to me, but I thought I’d try to do it.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Hate mail?


Well… It has a neanderthal look, the body is well built head to toe but the arms need some improvement.

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While the neck is far too long, the rest of the build is very cool, even if it needs to be refined a little.

Gangly and a bit haphazard, but i see plenty of potential.

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I love the extreme tribal look

The neck looks a tad bit tall, and the arms are a bit basic. Fix those, and it should be good.