The Way I do it

just a little thing that came to my mind, you just say something that you do in your own way,
for example:

My keyboard is pretty old, it’s pretty dirty and the “enter” key broke, so my way of fixing it was adding 2 rubberbands so it doesnt go flying out

so, what’s your way of doing something?

dont know if you can really call this a game


That happened to the + key on the number pad for my keyboard, but I just slammed it back in and it’s fixed.

The way I do my homework is in class, so I don’t have to do it at home.


I have an old habit of spooning cocoa into my mouth, instead of just grabbing the cup and drinking the stuff. I get some strange satisfaction from it. I get weird looks about it occasionally, but that’s how I roll.

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I used to do this with hot chocolate because when I was younger, it was always too hot for me to drink until it had basically gotten cold.

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