The Wealth Below

A commission for @Lehari of Toa Lehari of Earth. This is the first commission I’ve done where I haven’t had a MOC to work off of for the design of the subject (though I’ve done the same for plenty of my own characters), and I mostly tried to keep the theme set by the Mask of Emulation that he wears: lots of ridges with deep-set, circular ‘cores’ in opportune spots. As for what he’s doing… I figured bringing up valuable crystals from the bottom of an underground lake below him.


Breathtaking in detail, I love the floating boulder and Lightstone.


I like the decision you made with the setting. The Mask of Emulation is already versatile enough power wise that the possibilities draw themselves. By placing the user in a cave though, I find the lighting adds a more dramatic tone.


I am a sucker for dramatic lighting… :grin:


Excellent setting and lighting!

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