The White Knight II (self moc)

So a loooonng time ago I made the original, and like most creations I make (this probably applies to other people too) he slowly fell apart as I take parts from him for other mocs.

but when I joined the boards and when I took a picture of his still intact head for @Asriel to photoshop, I thought I needed to remake him. so here he is, and I am quite happy with how he turned out.

action shot

standing with weapons

front view

side view

back view

other side view

conquering a brick

close up

size comparison:

action shot No.2

I gave him a rocket pack with wings.

If a lot of people ask I will post instructions on how to make this somewhere

Constructive criticism welcome and hope you enjoy!


You don't see many BIONICLE based self Mocs nowadays


Ooh, very well done.


very nice

but needs a bigger sword


Tis a really cool-looking lil' dude.
I like it.

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cute robit

the head and feet are my fav parts.


Props to you for having a self-MOC made from system. :+1:


System isn't really my style but this is pretty Groovy.

This is pretty cool!

Looks nice.

This is pretty snazzy

Neato, I really like the head design

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thank you everyone for the praise

the head is one of my favorite parts, and was the first thing I built. that's what started the first version, and what gave me the idea for the second version

yeah he probably does, I just wanted to make the sword similar to the original. I'll probably make him a another sword with a longer blade

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I swear I've seen that MOC before

Were you in Master Builder Academy?

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Shield looks a lil gappy, but it looks like it could work in combat. Also, discount lightsaber :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was, my user name there was Drewguy007. probably will post some more revamps of Mocs I posted there

Looks helluva cool MOC. :smile:

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Reminds me of the cataphracts from Aldnoah.Zero.

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Heh. Glad I finally caught up with you... I was starblaster9428.