The Wrestling Thread

Here's a place where we can talk about general wrestling stuff,like, what's your fav wrestler,move,stable,PPV,match,you know,stuff like that.
Personally my favourite wrestler is The Rock,closely followed by Kevin Nash, Triple H, HBK and Chris Jericho.
Favourite move is the chockeslam.
Favourite PPVs are Elimination Chamber, Wrestlemania and TLC.
My favourite match ever is the Hulk Hogan vs The Rock match at WM X8,closely followed by HBK vs Taker at WM25.
My favourite stables are nWo, DX, Evolution and Ministry of Darkness.
So,what are your choices?


I don't watch wrestling.

now before you flag this comment, let me state my opinion, I think wrestling is the stupidest sport in the world. Why would you want to watch 2 guys beat the crap out of each other, it makes no sense!!!

I have now said my piece, good day

It's called entertainment for a reason.

But I don't see any entertainment value in it what so ever!

that's your problem.Wrestling is awesome.
I remember that when i was little,i used to play Triple H's music on my computer really loud,then throw my shirt and pants off (only had some black underwear and socks on),and then grabbed a bottle of water and slowly walked through the house till i reached the bed.Then,i would jump in like it was a wrestling ring and proceed to spit water everywhere.One time i spat on some paintings and caused ireparable damage.Mom was so proud.